Thursday, September 21, 2006

Why Blog?

Some wonder what's up with this craze for blogging. Blogs are truly way different from web sites, In the sence of it all ,you can feel a more personal side of the author, Blogging is great for so many wonderful things, a couple of examples: social, healthy, and personal things,

Blogging is healthy for you, as a Hobbies is very healthy, their both great for your emotions, relaxing, relives stress, lowers blood pressure, being creative, reaching out to others, on and on..

Bloggers are people who share not only their arts, but also their inner feelings, Which in turn the same goes for those who take the time to leave comments, Whether they have a blog or not,
This is the seed that grows into great friendships,

There are our favorite reads, or the finding of a new blog, I for one share and keep loads of wonderful links of others blogs . Good example today I was looking at a new blog ,and clicked on there comments, and found a old friend, I haven't seen in a while, well she has a blog and I ended up finding about 6 old friends who now have blogs,,I was so excited!

Again yep they all have web sites , I do to, I highly recommend having a web site. But reading my old friends blogs again it was a more relaxed and warm atmosphere.

Each , the Blogger and the Commenter...allowing each of them to be them selves ,
Being able to just be your self, If your having a bad day it's ok.. to write about, Others that are having a bad can read and say Maybe my day wasn't as bad..or comment say I hear ya!!! or give a up lifting word.

There is a warmth, a sister hood, family hood,up close and personal feeling with blogs, Sharing your new creative art -- Sharing your bloops and blunders-- all this and more is why we blog.. The old saying try it you will like it!!! Have a Great Day Sherrie

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