Friday, September 22, 2006

Did Sumpthin ReaLLy sTuPiD

I have been working like a crazy women, trying to get my brand new web site up and running,Well..... I feel inlove with Siobhan's new web set @
I wanted to keep my splash with a different graphic set,( which those graphics are also create by Siobhan ) then only use the new webset, I got the bright idea of MOVING every thing out to another folder, thats pictures of all my items, all other graphic every thing except for ONLY the new web set.. well I did that, it was a sore sight to seee and naked .com folder..Then I put in only the new web set,THINKING once I got the web set set up and could MOVE my dolls and items back over. and as I did I would sort out the old stuff put in only the new stuff...
WELL I have NO idea what folder I put it in!!!! It is a new folder I just created the other day
grrrrr It's got to get better....
Stop by and have a peek:o)
I Hope You All have a great Week End

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Gerry said...

Hi Sherrie, thank you for the nice compliment about my post and blog. It prompted me to take a look at yours. Great posts and pictures. I'm thinking, Wow, now this is a blog! I love how you have the side bar boxed out with labels. Did you do this yourself?

PS-We're motorcycle riders, too :)