Thursday, February 16, 2017

What is on my Table for today

Every feel like some times you actually get on a roll when your creating ?  Well I do, Today is one of those day.As I started painting faces on 3 different dolls, Hubby kept coming in the  my sewing room and said "Babe why don't we put the 6 foot table back up in here" "You look so crunched up in  a small table. Well I am now  taking a break, Not waiting for my doll faces to dry. Nope just waiting the get up n go to do the.  re-arranging once again of the sewing .
My sewing room actually is our 3rd bed room, which we have turned in to "Sewing Room"
I think it is 8 X 11, 6 foot table is totally awesome , I even have a area on the table where I can iron, I can do any thing all in one room.
And I am so more organized ! But it is a narrow path to go behind it where the sewing machine is and my chair where I sit up to my table. But know what I just don't care .
It really works for me and that is what is important!
Any ways here are the dolls I am working on. One doll is a Rag Doll. I really want to do her her face is charcoal.She just speaks to me to do that. The other 3 are going to be Whimsical Raggedy's .I am ready for Fun, Spring bright colors !
Tomorrow I will be able to get a lot more done on them and finish the two little ones. But for now yep grabbing hubby and getting  the big table put back up ,Have a Great Day!!, Sherrie
 Faces on the two little ones today 2/17/2017
Face done on Large Raggedy  2/17/2017 
Finished little one of two:
She is 10 Inches, I hand sewed her hair on.
Sewn Strand by strand, She has cutest pantaloons on also.
Hand painted face and hand painted stripped legs.
  Showing her full head of hair.
Close  up of her pretty face,With a bow in her hair.
 Now on to her sister !!
2nd Sister is finished Feb 21,2017
She is 10 Inches, I hand sewed her hair on.
Sewn Strand by strand, She has cutest pantaloons on also.
Hand painted face and hand painted stripped legs
I need to take some professional pictures of them, So I can add them to my Etsy Shop.
Feb 24,2017 
Now working on 22 inch Big Girl ! Showing front and back of her head. 
Hand sewed her hair on.Sewn Strand by strand,
She really has a nice head of hair! Must be the Hair Dresser in me LOL! 
I also Hand painted  her face. Now on to getting her dressed !!


Jan Conwell said...

I love working on several dolls at once. It helps me keep them all in perspective. Dixie Redmond taught me that when I first learned to make Izzies. And yay for your new big table--sweet hubby to recognize you needed it. :~)

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

it is just awesome, I learned from you ,that working on several dolls
at once really does keep you in perspective.!

It makes me feel like I am on a roll, a good creative roll, Makes you excited about what your doing!. And Jan I am so happy Gene has helped me ,putting back up the big table, I even have a spot where I can use my iron ,

I just sit right up to the table and yet just turn to my left and I am sitting at the sewing machine, My shelves to the right of me and I see the note books ,patterns, Techniques so on right there at my hand.
I put a white sheet on the table which hangs to the floor,

SO my tote of paints , and tote with the dolls with their patterns under the table ,again right at my finger tips. TaDa!!