Friday, January 27, 2017

Shadow Box Just Magical

Have you ever created  some thing  you are actually really proud of ?
For me I can't say every thing I create I feel that way about, I am  my own worst critic.
 But the two things I am sharing with you today are special to me, and they make me smile, and They are special and magical in their own way. I have shared my Valentines Day Pin Keep.
Now I would like to share a small Shadow box I created, When I look at it .
It's crazy but it makes me just feel so whimsical, Simplicity, and just fun. 
 I really hit the jack pot at the dollar store, I found these awesome Shadow Boxes for $1.00,
 So I bought 12 of them.Click to enlarge pictures:
 I added from Christmas cards, The Tree, Snowman ,Snow Woman, 
Hand colored with Acrylics, The Penguin, Snowman ,Snow Woman their Hats, Scarfs, Touches of color here and there. 
I added snow and German  Crystals, Painted the frame Ivory and top coated it in Aqua and then distressed it,
 The frame size is 5 1/2 X 5 1/2
Living in Florida, Yeppers I keep this out in sight all year long !

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