Monday, July 25, 2016

My EFA Dolls, I have created.

My very first EFA Doll I ever made.
It is always nice to look back at your creations pictures and hopefully see you have improved from the first one. I still have my First EFA Doll I made.(that is her above)
She has a hand embroidery face 
 The second one my daughter has. Took me by surprise  she liked her !

My second EFA Doll  I have made , She is made to look like she is from The Civil War period.
She has a hand embroidery face .
The silk green sleeve and green silk petticoat,  I made from my son's high school graduation gown,Yet still kept his gown,I am so sentimental.. 
 doesn't show in the picture but I hand sewed tiny beads along the hem of her dress.
 Her felt shoes, socks, pantaloons 
 Her double sleeves, I use a lot of hand sewing in creating my EFA Dolls.
Showing the back of her hair and dress.
This is my 3rd EFA Doll I have made.
 I thought I would give her a hand painted face, Some thing a bit different.
 Showing her hand made felt shoes, Her pretty petticoat
and pantaloons.

 Showing her shoes with hand made socks.

 In the above picture I couldn't decide to give her a bonnet or a bow .
 Her she is finished with a bow in her hair, I hand sewed all of her hair. I named her "May" and I sold her, I kinda wish I had kept her though.


Sherri Farley said...

Sweet dollies! I love this type of doll......beautiful dresses.

Jan Conwell said...

I think there is something so charming about EFA dolls...they're simple, but delicate in a way not all rag dolls are. I'm not surprised your daughter wanted that one. Well done!

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

Thank You Sherri, and Jan for leaving comments, It is so nice to know some one sees and leaves comments. EFA dolls look easy to make, but they are a bit hard really, Especially their clothes, But there is such a great feeling making them also about them, I love making them, I have one unfortunately naked and ready to dress, even have her face embroidered on.but Fall items are being made first :) Think I will dress this EFA Doll for Christmas. THANK YOU both for your kind comments!