Sunday, January 17, 2016

Ways to Keep Your Mind Busy

This is one of  most favorite blogs "" Merissa is a Amazing young woman.
If you haven't stopped by her blog  it is a must to do, She is incredibility  talented in SO many ways.

Merissa wrote the neatest article called

Ways to Keep Your Mind Busy Through the Rest of a Long Winter

But it isn't just for winter ,I feel it is so special for any time, For me I learned so much, Especially when you hit a creative bump, or some times just need a bit of change from what you usually create, like doing some thing different in the  evening like me.

Stop by read her article ,you will be so glad you did, I recieve her newsletter and really look forward to getting it.

Hugs to all ,Sherrie 

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Sherri Farley said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the Kay Cloud video. I went several times to her shop. It was so cute and full of dolls, and prim animals. Of course, I didn't buy a doll!! We had small children and it wasn't in the budget. I have kicked my self so many times. Somehow, I knew her husband's name, last year I looked her up in the local phone book. She was so kind and spoke with me for a long time about my doll making. She was very pleased I didn't use patterns. She said she no longer makes dolls, except a few angels for some collectors at Christmas. I came across this shop that sells some of her pin cushions and animal patterns. Check it out.