Monday, November 23, 2015

 Just want to share with you all , a awesome Doll Maker  Jan Conwell of  "JDConwell Art Dolls"
Jan really takes the time to dress her dolls to perfection, She has just amazing talent, and a Wonderful gal to know. It is my dream to one day to be able to create dolls like these, But for some like me, Really find it hard to learn to sculpture with clay, I am looking forward to one day "Maybe' finding that type of talent.If not I will be very happy to Love and enjoy others talent in these dolls!!

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Jan Conwell said...

Sherrie, I will send you a photo of my first cloth and clay doll. You'll see that I didn't start out with sculpting like this Molly doll, and when I used to teach a doll class, I always brought out my Elf Girl--the students were suddenly inspired that ANYBODY can sculpt, if that's what my first one looked like. :D