Saturday, November 07, 2015

A Young Girl and her Nursemaid/ Best Friend

To me this is the MOST precious picture ever. I am a history nut, To have found this picture on line, Just knocked my socks off. I am a doll maker, a Lover of the what I have named and called for over 20 years "YesterYear"This IS a  most magnificent picture. Just sitting and looking at both gorgeous little girls, I do think of what was their history ? I bet they were the best of friends their entire life. I don't just see a the doll the little girl is holding. 
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Look into both there faces. See the happiness , that only childhood can bring as precious and pure love. I adore how they are dressed, Look at the hand made detail whoa!, Their shoes are just so awesome, The time period I am sure at the time  of this picture, There were probably no factory made shoes or clothing.Yet these two are dressed to the hilt !

I hope to take my cloth and create in honor of these two adorable precious friends, Just two sweet loving baby doll themselves. Ok going to my Dream Drawing Board, Yep I really do have one!

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Sherri Farley said...

What a slice of history this photo is. It tells a sweet story!