Tuesday, February 03, 2015

We Support You

Welcome all to another day of support...
So today and all the days to follow... we will be supporting 
our ladies who have Cancer and all those who are dear to us
who face challenges trying to beat this terrible disease...
Together we will support all of our ladies in style..
and she is soooo supportive of all those who are participating..
Schedule is top right of our blog. 

When Madame Samm announced this hop, I just had to follow along. I love this pattern of hers, and the fact that I would get an opportunity to work with it, well, I was thrilled to begin.
Shoot Madame Samm an email if you are interested in  purchasing the WE Support You! Pattern $12.00
..Let's support all of our ladies
and leave them lovely comments....
They will be tickled PINK..
Feb 3rd 

Our ladies certainly made us proud this morning..
Support is what we all need these days...
And who WOWED us today...in Creative Delight...

This Lady really knows how to stay on a ROLL, 
her creativity and excellence in stitching just keeps you AWED...
She made this for a dear friend who we all hold dear to our hearts..
Jill @ Jillily Studio

Feb 3rd 

Feb  4th 

Feb 5th  

Feb 6th  

Feb 9th 

Feb 10th  

Feb 11th  

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