Monday, June 30, 2014


Has any one but me fallen in-Love with this sweet  Tilda Cloth Doll?
Of course I Love this one , which has a touch of Prim to her..
I never have seen her before, I was surfing Pinterest and there she was..So I researched about her.. 

 Tilda is a craft brand started by the Norwegian designer Tone Finnanger in 1999.

Tilda is most known for the whimsical, comical and naive characters in the form of animals and dolls. Tilda's world is without a doubt a feminine one, and the most recognisable features are the faces, with two dots for eyes and rosy cheeks.

The Tilda range consists of craft books and craft products for sewing and paper craft. The products are produced and distributed by Panduro Hobby and available in most of Europe. The books are also distributed to other parts of the world like USA, Australia and China.

 Tone Finnanger is the designer and owner of the brand Tilda.
She grew up in Oslo, the capital of Norway.

Always fond of art and craft, inspired by members of the family she soon began to explore how she could make a living from her talent. The dream was to make dolls and scenery for animation films, while in real life she was working in a craft shop.

This combination is what eventually led to the idea of Tilda. Tone started Tilda in 1999, 25 years old.
She now lives on an island in the Oslo fjord with her boyfriend and her dog. This is also where she has her studio. She has her education in graphic design and art.

The Tilda range of products is new in Australia, but the concept was born in 1999. Tilda started as a doll, created by Tone Finnanger, a Norwegian designer, and today's Tilda range includes Tilda dolls to make and dress, materials for patchwork, needlecraft, card making, scrap booking and gift wrapping - all in Tilda's characteristic and unique style.

The Tilda world is cozy and, feminine and slightly naive. If Tilda existed in real life, she would be a whimsical and romantic person who lives life for the moment and doesn't take herself too seriously. She follows interior trends, but it's more important for her to have her own style. The most recognizable features of the dolls are the faces, with two dots for eyes and rosy cheeks.

 Have to add another Prim Tilda :)
I hope You Enjoyed Learing About Tilda!
Hugs Sherrie


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Help:) Do you

or any know if there is a pattern for this ?? I have looked every where..Probably could figure the pattern out but do not want to take credit from another designer.. 
This is called "Ruby slipper door stop"

Monday, June 09, 2014

Some of my Favorite Primitives created by Others

 In my humble opinion these are the meaning of "Primitive"
Also Vintage " (Reproduction)
I have had a Love affair with Primitive , Vintage, Folk Art, for 16 years, Yet to this day it makes my heart soar and the Love I feel is amazing. I LOVE the "Simplicity of the Primitive dolls from Years ago... I am the happiest when creating these wonderful type of dolls, As you see these below created by others it is totally amazing of the Love and Talent these gal's have!!  I will give credit do to each of  their creators as I re-look up the pictures duh me:)
 Real Vintage Dolls..Ebay..
19th Century Cloth Rag Doll from the James Cramer Collection Mitten Hands AAFA

PriMiTiVe EASTER RaGGeDY ANN DoLL w/ SpRiNG RaBBiT ~ One of a Kind

Real Vintage Doll
Created by:
Real Vintage Dolls

gloria bowlin doll

Netty doll-Nettie By Lori Of Homespun Prims

Saturday, June 07, 2014

What I have been Up To:)

Yeppers I have been hand sewing and creating "Fabric Flowers", These are my first..I am excited about them, These have pins on their back side..You can wear them ,
Accent with them, Like on a Purse, Pillows, Shoes, Flip Flops,  you name it.. 
Just for fun I am now making  2 Flowers  one in Purples and one in  Greens for each of our dogs collars..!!

I am also making a cool tutorial on how I made these.

I making  wired ribbon flowers also that can be worn in your hair or a head band..or what ever..