Thursday, March 27, 2014

SympleTymes is back!!!!!

Well--P SympleTymes is back tada!!!  after a time off from creating Primitive and Folk Art and Vintage... I am back in to creating once again..Life is a funny thing...You always go back to where your true passion and Love started .... No matter in what area of life..Even some thing as  simple  as a hair style!
I took time off to learn quilting and all the wonderful colors.and
techniques. I will continue in this new journey of learning quilting. I am making two mug rugs for a swap I have signed up for. Also have created a couple of Lap Quilts , I am actually proud of..But I have been feeling  like I am missing old friends who want to come to life, That being  my humble interpretation of Primitive , FolkArt, Vintage..Like so many unfortunately  I to had my my heart broken with a couple of doll makers who not only have helped me over many years but also taught in area's I sure needed growth, Though  I will always support them, They are good people, but the internet lacks allot in one point I was so devastated  by this couple of people and our 16 year one point I said I would never again create a doll..To much of my surprise I have had many people ask where I was..and also orders for my type of dolls..Whoa!! I feel God has given ALL Talents and gifts and this one is one of mine.Creating Primitive Folk-Art Dolls and Vintage..So...I am creating once again!!
Besides just joining a Mug Rug Swap and working Part-Time I have started back  where I belong..
I am using the patterns of a very dear friend from years ago who took me under her wing and heart.Janena .My friend Who believed in me and encouraged me, I have on my sewing room wall a gift she made just for me. .I will take a picture and share
later.. She made me feel like never give up, I hold her to this day as a very close friend in my heart always and for ever..It is so awesome how one person can touch and make anothers life so rich..  "JANENA BARTRAM OF ANTIQUEANNIES"

I am SO Blessed to own 32 of her awesome one of a kind pattern's
I am creating her Anna Louise - a 26" cloth doll designed to look like an antique doll

Anna Louise Doll Pattern

Anna Louise - a 26" cloth doll designed to look like an antique doll
So my "New Journey Beginnings Once Again 
Yes I'm so very excited to know No one can put your candle out unless "You" let them, "   I Encourage you to keep on keeping on 
YOUR Dream 's!!!  I will post pictures of my  interpretation of  Sweet "Anna Louise"

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