Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Question to use or not use a hoop: Tutorial

How to Use an Embroidery Hoop

I do allot of  hand embroidery for most of Dolls, From my Prims on down to My Vintage styles dolls,
For me it adds just a touch of extra love, personalization and so forth.

Purpose of a hoop is  holds the fabric taunt to ensure that you are working well-formed embroidery stitches.

In doing Primitive hand embroidery or stitching
 I did not create the prim stitch info is at
I do not use a hoop when doing Primitive Stitch  because I want the hand embroidery or stitching to not be so " well-formed ".

Good Tip for using a hoop:
Your choice of size and shape depends entirely on the project and your preference - and there are a lot of possibilities. Selecting a hoop, remember that the fabric must completely fill the hoop in order to keep it tight. This means that for those using a larger
hoop, the fabric may need to be cut larger, with more open space around all four sides, to fit the hoop.

Many stitches choose hoops that are slightly larger than the area of the project they are stitching. This allows them to center the
design area in the hoop and work the design without moving the hoop from one area of the fabric to another

This is my favorite type of hoop to use
It has like a lip on the inside which keeps the fabric really tight and snug for long periods of time.
 But I  prefer a smaller hoop, as it is easier to hold in the hands for longer periods of time, Plus  easy to carry my project around
with me, This is my second project I am stitching using a small hoop and am able to take it any where with me. This is by Dimensions called Vintage Lodge 12 X 12
(Christmas Present shhh)

 At the moment  I am doing a very large project  that is a lap quilt cross stitch, that is four feet by four feet, I use a large hoop so I  don't have to move it around the design so much, Trust me I only work on this when I am at home and usually sitting with hubby watch TV and totally set up up for not moving much any where:)

Bucilla Butterfly Collection Lap Quilt Stamped-45''X45''
On this project because of the size I am using a frame lock hoop and love it

 I have decided this week I am going to go buy a hoop stand for the small project and MAY eventually buy a large hoop stand for the lap quilt.

I hope this little tutorial has help you even in a small way..Even if you do applique' it is always best to be in control of your fabric!!

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