Sunday, October 07, 2012

More of My Craft Show Dolls

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 Alrighty here are some more of the Craft Show Dolls I have made so far. Lots of ruffles on bloomers. petticoats, Gems on shoes, ribbons in hair ,  All have  hand sewn hair, Hand painted faces, Stitched faces, Some with button eyes, I am trying for a bit of  variety, Sizes range from 10 inches to 32 inches.. Have a 48 inch cut out, and 6 more 12 inch , and one more 17 inch, Then I am done with the doll part Ta Da~~ Then can start my aprons yay!!!

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Clothmatters said...

Sherrie- Your dolls are so adorable! Now I know why you have been quiet these past few weeks. I am sure you will do well at your craft show. Can't wait to see your finished aprons.