Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Raggedy's ready for the craft show

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WellPppp Have 4 Raggedy's ready for the craft show, They are 11 inches and 14 inches,
They have cute little bloomers along with their striped legs.

Have 4 more ready to dress, One has a round head,That will give me a total of 8 finished,

I want 18 of these little ones to take, These little gals sell really fast at shows.I am trying to make them with different faces, Not just painted faces, but also this year am doing embroidery faces.I goofed though and made two dress from the same fabric:(

But as I add in numbers I hope that won't be noticeable

Also am stuffing two 30 inch Antique Raggedy style dolls , whoHoo!

Then I am going to keep making larger dolls,

starting from 26 inch to 58 inch, make two of each size

I am being selective and all new this year, I am making retro-Apron aprons also, A few of these will be for Holiday theme, They seems to sell well also.So here is to hoping!! But having a blast creating that's for sure!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Peacock in full flight??

A friend of mine emailed me these pictures of peacock in full flight, I don't know if these are real pictures or if they have been through photo shop, But the beauty is just gorgeous! Great for those that create cloth birds to see the detail, We don't usally get to see. Do peacocks really fly ??

Hugzs Sherrie