Monday, August 23, 2010

Sasha Again

Well here is Sasha again, And it is Monday , I got to work more on her today!
She still isn't finished, I hope to finish her tomorrow.
So far Sasha has a nice full skirt on her dress , and of course her pantaloons!

She has really neat shoes along with her pretty striped legs!
Ya know it's funny how creating any thing as long as your creating can be a therapy of sorts
As I have been working on my Sasha I have been going through a bit of a hard time.
I know we all have problems from time to time , so I won't bore you with the details, It has been rough two weeks ,
I just pored my self in to my dolls, Sketching ideas, Thinking of new patterns and new classes. Also researching new techniques and tools,
Did I feel like it, At first absolutely not, Asking my self why am I wasting my time.
Thank God the thoughts of creating my dolls would not give up,
After the first 4 -5 days of just making my self do it.
I slowly felt my spirits lifting back up, and The fabrics and colors started to excite me once again
I truly Thank God for my desire to create dolls, Seems no matter where I am in life Good Times and Bad Times my dolls are always waiting for me to create them , even when I don't feel like it, They just wait patiently, I know God answered my prayers and renewed my creative spirit!I am much stronger and God blessed me with some awesome creative ideas too!
Sasha is special to me because she was there waiting for me, Through her , God showed how God can heal even a broken heart by being creative!
I will finish Sasha tomorrow and post her finished photos
Hugs to All Sherrie


carla ( said...

I am glad you have your creativity and dolls to help when you are down!!! It really does help!!! Sasha is looking Great!!!! Hope you keep feeling better and more and more creative!!!! Thanks for visiting my blog!!!! And for the compliments!!!!! hugs

Whimcees said...


I have always believed that dolls are some of God's angels. They can lift one's spirit when all seems lost, they are a visual of what our purpose may be and they can bring love and joy when our hearts are empty. In addition, our ability to create these little beings is a blessing in itself.

Wishing you all good things in your life Sherrie.


Barbara Diane