Monday, July 12, 2010

The American Way!!!!

I received these picturese from a friend through email, I had to post about them and also add my thoughts,I know some of you are too young to recall these posters and WWII,
My Dad proudly fought in WWII for our freedom!! As a kid I'd see tears in my Dad's eyes when watching a WWII movie, I can only imagine what was going through his mind, He was wounded in WWII and received a purple heart.
Graduating from high school in 1969 seeing allot of my friends going off to fight in Vietnam, Young with their youth and future infront of them,
Many did not return home.
As a tribute to my Dad and all our military men and women of yesteryear and Today. I post these awesome posters and proudly say I am all American!
I can only hope and pray that we see America once again to come alive in thinking what America means to each of us. I did get a lump also in my heart when I read this ,,Thinking to my self where did America's Patriotism go?
I Thank that person and you know who you are that saved these posters
The statement at the end says it all!

~ These were our Parents ~ Our GrandParents
What have we let happen ?
I guess we are the last generation to see, or even remember anything like these !
Whatever happened?
It's called............................... Political correctness (or "re-education") happened,
Lack of God's name happened, Lack of personal responsibility happened,
Lack of personal integrity and honesty happened,
Lack of respect and loyalty to our country happened,
Lack of being an American happened.
Did all of these things die along with common sense ?!?~
I for one am still proud to be an American! If you are too..... Pass this along,
So others can show their pride , In English please!

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