Friday, February 26, 2010

Symple Tymes Doll Shop

I am excited!! I have opened a Doll Shop Yeppers
It is called "Symple Tymes Doll Shop"
I just want to keep it Symple;)
This is where I will be selling my finished dolls and E-Patterns and Classes too,
I will be having a "Grand Opening" with "Give Away"
So keep checking and be sure to sign up on our Symple Tymes Doll Shop News Updates!!
oOO this is sooo exciting!!
Hugs Sherrie

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kat Lees new workshop tutorial

Wouldn't you love to learn how to needle sculpt beautiful faces easily???? Well now you can with this easy workshop tutorial.
Head Pattern included to practice on. Learn to express your emotions using needle sculpting for great expressive faces

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

TaDa~~My *NEW* sewing Room!

I should have opened the closet door, In There all organized is all my fabric, Just so nice to open up and there on shelves is my choice of fabric Ta Da!
Love having a full size cutting table, In front of a double window , which is great to have all day day light to work in
another view of cutting table with day light.
and yes that's my tiny Christmas tree I enjoy all the time

every thing is tagged and organized

every thing is with in finger tips now, I can yurn to work table or turn and work on the cutting table, With my TV and computer right there too:)

as you walk into the room

After waiting 11 years , YES 11 years of running all over the house , under beds, even storage in the garage,Using the dining area as my cutting table,*NOW* I have finally gotten a fantastic organized sewing room, My sewing room is filled with organized origination! All my sewing , Quilting, Dolls, Aprons, Pinkeeps and family memories surround me.Even a sparkling Christmas tree lights with my favorite ornaments shine at me, Instead of packing these ornaments away I have them displayed here on my cutting table for me to love and enjoy and get the warm fuzzies year around, All my fabric is neatly stored in the closet on shelves, All I do is open the double doors and their it all is, I have Tag every storage container,My paints all in one place with their colors looking right at me tada!! Love my cutting table, My window I get a full day of natural light, Have it all around me, even my TV and Computer!! I am in Heaven! It has been sooooo worth the wait!

Please meet MaryLea

Please meet MayLea, Named after a very sweet friend of our family!
Mary Lea SympleTymes original!
20 1/2 inches of love!
Individual fingers and my favorite legs created with velvet! and tiny rose buds.
She has a handed painted faces, which I sealed for her smile to last for years to come.
She also wears bright purple pantaloons. Full skirted dress with hand made yoyo's for accent.
Her hair is hand felted with just a tad of glue as I felted.She will be SympleTymes new class/pattern!!
Hope you like her!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My newest apron

On Cloth Doll Artistry, In our Prim Doll Group We are having a Valentine Day Challenge where members create their own
" Doll Maker Apron and Pinkeep "
and share pictures of them. This is strictly a Show and Tell Challenge.
I wanted a apron I could wear every day not just for Valentine Days!So I made it in pink for Valentines Day, and a Pinkeep in the sign language which means "I Love You"
also made a very prim heart for my pinkeep
click on pictures to enlarge:)