Thursday, December 31, 2009

Face Painting

I thought ths was cool!


JKW said...

That was different. I use an architects circles for the eyes, different sizes for the white, color, pupil. I love to see different ways of doing things. Thank you. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year. Blessings, Janet

vivian said...

Happy New year! heres to another year of creativity and blogging!

SympleTymes , and Pinkeeps, said...

Hi Janet Thanks for sharing your great idea for eyes! You have a super great New Year!!
Blessings to you
Hugs Sherrie

SympleTymes , and Pinkeeps, said...

Hey vivian!!! The Bestest New Year to you my friend!Thanks for stopping by!
Hugs Sherrie

Anonymous said...

Hey you...wanted to pop over and see what you were up tooooo??? I'm baaaaaccckkk and will not be such a stranger... Hugs, Mo

Plain-n-Simple! said...

Was wondering how your doll class is going?
many Hugs,