Wednesday, April 01, 2009

heads up thingy

Hello Every one..Just wanted to do a heads up thingy
I won't be on line next week....
A friend Of mine who is a hair dresser (so am I) fell and tore a muscle in her groin called me , asked me to come and work her shop because... she is in so much pain..She has to take several weeks off and stay off her feet in order for the groin muscle to I am working full time in her place for her...I am not use to working full time, and need to give my full attention to work..It is hard because these are not my customers and their use to having Carol their own hairdresser do their hair not some one new..WHEW!! ...So I'd sure appreciate your prayers for me that all goes well. ..I do feel a bit intimated by doing some Else's customers
Plus it's been a while since I have behind a chair professionally,,All this week I have done a crash course in the chemical process of the new products she uses ..Colors and perms etc.. Wowzer come home kinda brain numb..So far the customers have been so under standing...I am trying to really help Carol out..It's my prayer I do a excellent job for her. I know this groin injury will take time to heal ..please say a pray for her because it is all she can do to walk and pain is sever. Poor thing can hardly walk and they say the only thing that can heal a torn groin muscle is to stay completely off it..Like I said please say a prayer for her it is really appreciated so very much.
I will talk to you all week after next!!
Lot's of Hugs


Anonymous said...

Oh, bless your heart for helping her out... My best friend is a stylist and she once burnt her hand very badly... NO good...
Hey having a giveaway, if you have a chance pop on over. Hugs, MO

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Hi Sweetie! Just stoppin' in to say howdy!
Oh man, I can't imagine the pain your friend is in. I'll pray for her speedy recovery.

Sherrie Nordgren-Sympletymes,Pinkeeps,BoomingAprons said...

Huge Thank You to you MO and Peanut..
I had my daughter today talk to her boss about getting Carol a MRI and PTL she is getting one tomorrow!! Carol doesn't have insurance and their giving her one that she can afford!Prayers are the answer!!!