Monday, January 05, 2009

Joel Ellis 1873

There is a online doll group that is doing the"Penny Doll Challenge"
Using the Penny Doll Pattern created by Designer Claire Pruitt
I bought the pattern also though I'm not doing the challenge just kinda behind the scenes for my own personal challenge while enjoying the every ones chit chat and also frustrations..I know this pattern for me is way over my head,whew and double whew, but I am enjoying the personal challenge,
I do not work on steady just a little here and there,
I am creating my first real new 2009 doll and this is all I want to do right not, Because she is is my Antique inspired reminiscent doll of YesterYear. So I have been studying a couple of my dolls books,Looking at faces and dressing and history, One of these books is my doll book above called
"The Ultmate Doll Book by:Caroline Good fellow"
This doll caught my heart,On page 14 She is a Joel Ellis 1873, Her face and her dressing every thing I want to do but in cloth not wood, Actually her body is very similar to the Penny Doll .
What I'm doing is an all cloth doll painting her face in this style and dress..
She would be a great doll for clay over cloth ,but again I do not feel ready for clay over cloth, I want to take a class in this technique, I don't know if there is a pattern for this dimensional type head in cloth.. but this is where the painting and shading I guess comes in..

This doll below is what I'm working on until finished......
This Doll I'm working on below, is my Columbian inspired doll
I am re-dressing her, I started her two years ago just using a large of all things a Raggedy Annie Pattern so her body is not like the Columbian doll, but it is a huge dolls and I love holding her..Using pictures of the Columbian dolls I will now dress her and paint her hair on
Eck! Just got a phone call about our house and a Husband and wife want to come and walk through..keep your fngers crossed and say a prayer,, They have been talking to my husband by phone and now want to walk through..I guess no doll working for me today grrr:)

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