Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Back From a Dream Vacation!

Hi every !! We are back from a wonderful dream vacation to Tennessee!
Living in Florida and vacationing in Tennessee
we really got to experience all four seasons all in a week!
We had glorious Fall colors,The pictures just don't do justice
to the beauty of the fall colors!

YES! We also experience SNOW!
We just sat in the mountains and listened to the silence
and watched it to begin to snow!!
Wonderful family time.Enjoying each other.
Sharing the new wonderful wonders we had each day.
We had a picnic every day under wonderful Fall leaves

We hiked every day..Going around corners of God's awesome nature not knowing what we would see..Always just breath taking..
We saw in person in the natural and close up
Mama Bear and her two cubs..Wild Turkeys.. Deer's and a Buck..Chipmunks..
This is our son-law Gary..these trees were just gorgeous!
Every where the shops were decorating for Christmas ..

The Morning we were leaving we stopped and took more pictures of the new snow!
Now back in Florida and back to reality! But our thoughts are still in Tennessee
still smelling the mountain air, Hearing all of natures wonderful calls, Thinking of all
the people we talked to ..Feeling the love of God and Love from each other..Hearing all our laughs ooo's and awes too!


Lisa said...

Wow! You really did experience all the seasons. Sounds beautiful. Welcome home!

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

((((Lisa))))) Thank You..We really did!!!Ready To go again...Well maybe not until Spring any ways;)Kinda Love having holidays with the kids and Family and friends!