Thursday, September 11, 2008

Creative Times Magazine NEW Issue is out!!

Creative Times Magazine Brand New Issue is Here! They have an exciting new issue waiting for you! This issue is packed with great tips, articles and of course some great free patterns. So stop by and grab your copy at
Don't for get:
If you are a crafter and interested in advertising in Creative Times, They now offer subscription ads. These ads are geared towards advertisers that want to promote their business on an ongoing basis with ads in each new issue of Creative Times. As a bonus ad subscribers receive a discount on their ad costs. You can read more about their subscription program here:

If you haven't visited the Creative Times Magazine archives
it's a must..I visit all the time and Love it. Each archived issue is full of crafting articles, tips, trends, featured pattern designers and free patterns. So go take advantage of the many resources available in the archived issues

Hope you enjoy Hugs to all Sherrie

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