Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Awww Fall is in the air at least in my sewing room!!!!

Fall is here at least in my sewing room! Not out side in the Florida Hot Heat! Whoa
Today I brought out all my fall decorations and i got creative with this 32 inch
Fall gonna be Girl ?? Boy?? Haven't decided yet. I do know this will be so very special and I'm anxiously waiting to trying a couple new techniques! Running through my mind of how I'm going to dress and embellish!! There is nothing like creating! its really neat how you can turn off worries and troubles when you just sit down and start to create. It makes you count your blessing and seeing How God is at work in our lives.
I was thinking today how creating is really a outlet, It really is a healing doing any type of hobbie whether it is sewing or counted cross stitch or knitting ,it is the creating thats so good for us! I found my body relaxing, and my thoughts were positive and creative, My faith was re-newed.Which made me have peace and joy and I felt strengthened. All our Arts are truly God given!
The last 3 weeks have been kinda stressful, my husband was having neck pain , then the ole muscles knotted up and he has been really in pain.They did a MRI ,Found out he has 3 bulging disks in his neck. Our SILLY doctor basically told us nothing can be done.It's just some thing he would have to live with.and then sent Gene for physical therapy,
Whoa that really set his ole muscles into even worse spasms, He has the burning tingling in his arms because the muscles are so tight their pressing on nerves...Gene has been taking prescription strength motrin and no relief from the inflammation. I'm blessed with a awesome husband and he is my best friend, but he doesn't take aches and pains very well and to have a doctor say to a person like this " Just live with it",
Thats just not the right thing to say!

I got so ticked off about all this... as nice as I could be ...I called the doctors office back and literally said to them to call the pharmacy and I would like for my husband to have a muscle relaxant ,they called in Noraflex.After several days and still no relief ... I called again today and ask for mild pain medication,
I mean my husband has to work!
It's ridiculous when you have to call your own doctor and tell him what to prescribe. so i cancled Gene's physical therapy, and did some reasearch about getting a new doctor , One that cares would be nice! So we both have an appointment at a new doctor Oct 6th. I am just praying these medications will help Gene's muscles to relax and get better be fore we see the new doctor in oct. that seems so far away.and it has been going on now 3 weeks..
#1: I will continue to stand in faith and believe for God's healing for my husband..
#2: I have lined up just a couple Fall goodies, again I 'm so Thankful to God for the love he has given me to create! I am excited about Fall and the goodies I'm making .So much that I even dream of some thing I want to make and can't wait to get going on it!!!!
Awww Fall is in the air at least in my sewing room!!!!

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