Thursday, May 01, 2008

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff "Simplifiy"

As you can see I have given SympleTymes Blog a badly needed face lift..
Wonder how many of you have your tastes change from your arts?
All the sudden I seem to be gravitating towards bright colors and pearls taste
ME a Prim FolkArt artist at heart! I'm soooo enjoying this change though.
Who knows how long this new found brightness will stay with me maybe forever
Maybe a short time I dunno never have done this before
I felt like God has been leading me for some time to Simplifiy and have *Fun* with my art and life,
I have Simplified my arts and this is when my taste for bright colors of all kinds began.
And now am focusing on my little etsy shop and PrimitivePeddlers..
I have been having *Fun* since simplifing!!!!
How many times have we read or heard the good ole saying "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff "
It's just amazing what happens you obey God's nudges of help ..
Some thing as simple as Simplifying my art and life
WellP many of you know we have our home for sale .
We have been dreaming of moving to Tennessee for 4 years now.
Even 6 months agao watching our best Friends/Neighbors doing what was our dream They moved to Tennessee...Exactly where we have been wantin to move.I have to say God was diffently in their move.
They sold their small home 2 bed room 1 bath for a huge sum of money.and their move was fast and smooth and they were able to buy a 3 bed room 2 bath gorgeous home with a gorgeous view the mountains.
We truly are very happy for them.Miss them a bunch and they miss us too.
Since listening to God in our life about " Don't Sweat The Small Stuff " Simplify
We have gone through our home and all my arts , patterns, books, embellishments,
and have gathered up stuff we never use, have to much of, clutter, stuff you can REALLY
can live with out, Sorting clothes, shoes.. Even sorting through those "Oh nooo the kids gave us that"..Even sorting through Oh do you know I have had that since we were first married 38 yrs ago...
wiping clean in the sense of Mr Clean is getting his work out.,
We still have our bed room and one hall closet and then the garage to do
Then we are having a garage sale and what doesn't sell yeppers off to the goodwill.
Honestly I tell you from my heart " Don't Sweat The Small Stuff " Simplify your life!
I have more energy and bounce to my step more creativity, even am loosing weight all by
listening to God in our life about " Don't Sweat The Small Stuff " Simplify
I'm in shock who but only God would have known how to truly turn every thing around!
No more of fast put every thing away keep every spotless neat and clean..No more yuckie ooo some one is coming to look at our house..I say now Come On bring it on
Even if we don't move thats ok big time too. We are happy with our home...My hubby and I both are so amazed how our lives have changed by listening to God in our life about " Don't Sweat The Small Stuff " Simplify
Simplifying.....Was it easy nope....some times I was in tears..and so tempted to just repack every thing
but them the thought came to me that made me laugh "Try it you will like it" LOL
Determination kicked in and boy I DO really like it!
Every go on a trip or vacation and you live out of your suite case for a week or two?
Its really neat how well you can survie and be stress free..See we really don't need all that extra clutter that
stuff we say well I will make it one day..or savin it for a rainy day..or I will make one of those as soon as I can..Or how about the #1 "(my favorite) I have that on my to do list"
If you have'nt use it, Made it or seen it in 6 months. Give it to some one!
" Don't Sweat The Small Stuff " Simplify


Cookie said...

I hear what you are saying about giving my junk to someone else... but dang girl - I just can't seem to cut loose of it! Peanut says if she is wanting something obscure, she calls me to see if I have one! hahaha
love this blog - such wise words that I should be APPLYING!!


SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Oh Cookie you always make me laugh!
Iam so glad you stopped by!Huge Hugs to you my sweet friend!xo Sherroe

Wendy said...

I love your message they are so true!! I remember when God did the same thing to me He said get rid of the clutter and boy when I did it decluttered my mind and my spirit!! It was so freeing like so much weight was lifted off from me!! Thanks for sharing!!~Wendy