Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cloth Doll Artistry I'm Inviting YOU!

Visit Cloth Doll Artistry

I want to invite ALL my wonderful Primitive, Folk Art, Vintage, Whimsy, Friends to come join with me
in this wonderful new group called Cloth Doll Artistry!! I want you all to show your awesome art work your TeddyBears, Dolls, Pincushions,Paintings, MixedMedia..So come on my Primitive, Folk Art, Vintage, Whimsy, Friends.Come join in with me and lets show our art and share !!!!
It is NOT my group.
http://clothdolls.ning.com/ A group of extraordinary cloth doll artists showcasing their creations.
The wonderful person who has given birth to Cloth Doll Artistry is Connie McBride Johnson
This group is on the newest rage called NING network..It has it all all with in ONE group..You receive your own page,blo,photo album, and whew so much more.BUT you do not have to use any of it if you do not want to.The main thing is the group "Cloth Doll Artistry"
I said Connie gave Birth because this group is from her heart, sweat, tears,and love...Uniting ALL artists
in so many fun ways...Here is some things Connie has given us to play or not to play.. To Share about you.. with each other ..FREE FREE ...Its all Free even classes..patterns...

Groups with in Cloth Doll Artistry = CDA
Do You Etsy?: If you have an Etsy Shop post it here for others to visit.
CDA Pin Doll Swaps :
This group is for those who love to create pin dolls
Online Classes: Listing of current online classes by our cloth doll artists
CDA Pincushion Swaps:
Do you love to create pincushions? Share your creations with others.
Free Pin Doll Patterns :
Links to free pin doll patterns. Links will continuously be added.
How To: Make an Armature:
Links to make armatures.
How To: Paint a Doll's Face : Links for painting doll faces. Links will be added continually.
Free Pincushion Patterns:
Links for free pincushion patterns. Links will be added continually.
Free Stuffed Animal Patterns:
Links for free stuffed animal patterns. Links will be added continually
Project Workshop: Project Workshop is a bi-monthly program designed for our members by our members. (Formerly called Whimsical Wednesdays
Videos By:Connie McBride Johnson:

Doll Face Painting and Customizing Doll Patterns
Connie has set up a fantastic navigation for all to use:
Navigating Cloth Doll Artistry*

MAIN: Click on this button to be taken to the home page
* INVITE:Click on this button to invite friends
* MY PAGE: Click on this button to be taken to your personalized page
* MEMBERS:Click on this button to view our members
* FORUM: Click on this button to talk and visit with other members
* GROUPS: Click on any group to view or join
* PHOTOS: Click on this button to view photos from our members
* VIDEOS: Click on this button to view creative videos
* CLOTH DOLL ARTISTRY BADGE: Click on the button to add a badge to your blog or website. PRIVATE *MESSAGING: You can send a private message to any member in this group by clicking on the miniature white envelope located above the banner.
*Please Note: Spamming or unprofessional posting will not be permitted and will result in immediate removal

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roger said...

Cool pics on the love dolls. It gave me a perfect idea for a gift on my girlfriend's birthday, a homemade doll.