Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Other Boleyn Girl

My hubby treated me to a early afternoon movie, We saw the movie The Other Boleyn Girl
I LOVE history. The costumes were so elaborate and very detailed,
This post is really a personal diary note journey

As I was watching the movie all I could see was a EFA created as Anne Boleyn!
I immediately started to do my research on Anne Boleyn, What the era was like 1500's

how their clothes were created and why the wore what they wore,

How they lived, on on I have the questions!

I have started my Ann Boleyn EFA doll and Tomorrow will sew and stuff, I know already in my heart I want to make Henry VIII,... If I do... I then will HAVE to create all 6 of his wives!!!But my sewing skills are so primary, These costumes are really ou there as far as being elaborate, Especially Henry VIII.Thank Goodness

I do have some wonderful doll history books!!

Collectors Book of Dolls Clothes by Dorothy S. Coleman (Author) Lots of patterns very detailed
Selected Writings of John Darcy Noble: Favorite Articles from Dolls by John Darcy Noble No patterns but awesome pictures and he does give detail

Anne Boleyn the second of Henry VIII wives

Anne Boleyn is remembered for her brilliance, glamour, elegance, and for the incredible hold she held on King Henry for such a long time. Many do not realize that Anne Boleyn was the mother of Elizabeth I, who inherited Anne's facial features and various facets of her personality. Anne would have been very proud of her daughter.

Anne Boleyn is remembered for SO much more also! I will continue to share with you ,

What a fascinating true life,and so much true history
I just ordered the book The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory


Jennie said...

ooh good luck making those dolls! I look forward to seeing what you make.
Glad you liked the film and it inspired you, I would like to see it when it eventually comes out here in the UK.

Anonymous said...
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SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Hi Jennie Thanks much !I'm having fun,Have EFA stuffed and ready to embroidery her face.I wish I could hand you the movie through the pc.I did order the book and it hasn't come yet ,but spoke to others who have read it and they say its great...Bought mine at used undr $10.00 with shipping

Carolyn said...

What a coincidence ... I have just finished watching the movie Elizabeth (first movie) because I am all settled in to watch the second one ... wanted a refresher first ... while having a cuppa I was blog hopping & landed here ... I had the same thoughts when I saw the beautiful costumes in Elizabeth ... some she only wears for a few minutes on screen ... all that beautiful & exquisite detailing ... now I'll have to seek out "The Other Boleyn Girl" ... isn't it fascinating ... the threads that bind & lead us to each other with such like minded interests ... well off now to watch Elizabeth - The Golden Age and drool over more costumes ... thanks for sharing ... I really enjoyed my visit here ...