Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dolls You REALLY want to make

Dolls you wish with all your heart you could really make..Have you ever said to your self

"Aw man I wish I could make dolls like that." and your heart just beats up and right away you think of so many people you would create these dolls for and give as gifts and also sell as well.
And feelings of accomplishment towards your art work.

Watching your favorite artists creating one gorgeous doll after another.. You stop and think
How do I even get started..Yes having a library of books is step number one for sure..But it just doesn't answer questions you have of the dolls you see and really want to make...Then you think I will just email the artist and ask her how she created that pattern , or How she created that face..How did she attatch the hair?

But you stop and then wonder if this would be the correct thing to do?

After all the artist's have perfected their own style and have worked so hard to have achieved that look , that style, all the extra they have put into their own creation.

Is it fair to even think about asking artist's??

Would it offend them? Would they think your trying steal from them??

This point here is a touchy one: Yes their are some who do copie others..I say what a shame..because their not showing their own talent that they do have..Their just showing the talent of the other they are copieing from..People can and do tell whos are creation is copied from some elses..I dont mean by using a pattern
or even using a pattern then saying its your own design..always give credit where it is do always.
I for one do not mind in the least when others ask me questions, I create simple Prim FolkArt dolls,People ask how I age, How I drew the eyes what did I use for the eyes,
But even if I was creating the style of dolls I really want to make , I still would be happy to share and help.

Ok now we see a doll we suck in our breath and I say Oh Lord I want to make dolls like this one" then it ends there..why because I see this doll and see how the head has a chin but yet it is not a round head there are no seams in the face , she has a neck and wonderful shoulder.

Is it a 3-D head ? to me, it is 2 D okay how did they achieve that head..How did they learn to make it?? these are some of my questions.. also looking at the doll

well let me stop there and place a picture of the doll I am think about ok:Nancy is one of my favorite artist's, This one of the style of dolls I REALLY want to make:
*Attic Babys* By Nancey Gerber
this picture is of Nancy's doll she calls Doll Doodling! Its on her blog . it is Friday, September 28, 2007 Post

alrighty now this is what I mean when I say "Dolls I REALLY want to make" see she has a wonderful chin and a wonderful neck..with depth across from her cheek to cheek to me she is just perfection, and Doesn't she look like a real little firl of long ago!
This is what I am talking about when I say sooo much about what to do and How and where to begin..wanting to know how they achieved this ..wanting to learn..I think now after writting this article of sorts..I as for me step number one to begin in creating

**Dolls You REALLY want to make** would be , stay totally focused.. (talking about me ) doing nothing but that hearts desire. (Except for your own prior commitments)..But creating **Your doll you REALLY want to make*** your personal number 1..take the plundge be determined

don't think any thing but postitive, make this your very own challenge..But main thing to **Dolls You REALLY want to make** is to START!!!

Please stop in Nancy's blog

Nan's ebay :

she has gorgeous dolls and slide shows, just a super nice gal to..

Hugs to All Sherrie


Atticbabys said...

Wow I don't even know what to say Sherrie! Thankyou from the bottom of my heart though! I am so flattered to say the least!
I am sending you an email so I can properly try and thank you.

Big Hug, Nan

Plain-n-Simple! said...

Sher I completely understand, and agree. I love Nans dollies also. I wonder if the choice dollmakers know what a difference they have made to other dollmakers and their dolls? I used to think that imitation was the best form of flattery, i do agree w/ some 'veteran' dollmakers, that a few, very few, newer dollmakers do get too close for flattery, at times. I have never had the pleasure of knowing what it feels like to be copied myself, but i am sure it could be un-nerving if the doll was a close duplicate. I know what you mean by admiring other doll makers work though, my absolute fav... The Catt, and Dolls_of_Yore. This is where I got the interest to start making dolls.

This is such a deep subject, huh?.


Lorraine said...

She sure is one beauty!! I would love to have Nan's talent!:o) Other doll artists truly inspire me! I love seeing everyone's creations, and I think everyone has their own unique style. And Sherrie, I love your style!!

Plain-n-Simple! said...

Oooh Everytime i see this wonderful doll, I want to make her!!!! I dont know what i was mummbling about about, must have been something else going on, but Nan, you are one of the 'Greats' to me and so are you Sherrie : D!!!!!!!