Monday, October 01, 2007

Howdy Hey All *The Cats Pyjamas* Doll challenge is open yippie!!
What we were to do was use one of *The Cats Pyjamas* patterns and
create our own dolls with it..
Every One used a different pattern.. any ways it is now open for votes ,

I would so appreciate it if you would go vote for the doll of YOUR choice

*Remember*: vote for the doll of YOUR choice

DO NOT vote for mine if your like another one , just please vote

I'm NOT advertising for my self..Im sharing with you about this little doll challenge!
I hope others too will have doll challenges cause it is fun!

There is only a couple gals that entered I feel bad because they have worked hard getting their dolls made for this challenge! So please tell your friends to vote too !!!

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