Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Greeneville TN Vacation We are back!

Howdy Hey All
We are back from our awesome Greeneville TN Vacation
I can not put in to words how awesome it was, and We had the best of the best time.
The leaves were at their peak and again beyond words to express their beauty,

Greeneville is truly Heaven on Earth..
Gene and I visited our Bestest friends and got to see their new home, Arthur and Tina Glidden, Also Tina's sweet Mom Marleen was there so we had a good ole family time!
Gene and I did soooo much, Antiquing, Looking at Homes, Drove to several other towns, Even hit VA and TN border, Looked in shops, Walked though some Mountain trails, Pulled off high way just to take in the beautiful Mountains and fall leaves, animals , birds, just the wonderful clean air. NO TRAFFIC either any where. We went through Caverns, out of the way little homey restaurants and shops,We did do allot while there, So much more than I'm writing about.
So it is finalized Gene and I will be moving there positively and very soon.
We both felt so at peace and so at home, and the people are so laid back, and so very nice..
Even the young people were so laid back not stressed , but seemed happy and polite.
Plus you want for nothing as far as stores and shopping goes..
There is no perfectplace on earth..but for us Greeneville TNsure comes close to perfect.
Our pictures are not the best..
but we wouldn't trade them for any thing..and I will be adding more as time permits.
Please take a peak if you wanna, Leave comments too..
Love to All Gene and Sherrie


Bettsi McComb said...

Welcome back, Sherrie! I almost said Welcome Home, but that wouldn't be right anymore, huh? Sounds like you have found a new heart home!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Welcome back Sherrie!! You've been missed. Your pics are beautiful!! So when is the big move? Ooooh how exciting! I'm sure you both will love it there. It looks heavenly!!
:> )

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Hey Bettsi and Peanut..Feels good to be back..but even better knowing me friends missed me!
Yes Bettsi we really love greeneville and we are very serious about moving/retirung there.
Peanut your so right it is just heavenly!! there truly!
we have just picked out the colors to paint the house out side.Now that it is bit cooler in FL, We are putting our for sale sign in
December, I pray it will sell fast..not just because we want to move, but the pressure of keeping every thing clean ad neat and people strangers coming through our home yuck! :)