Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I am Back TaDa~

Good Morning All

Well I am back..couldn't stay away as long as I thought I would be,

Been very busy , Gene (hubby) and I have been re vamping two of our bed rooms and now am painting all the doors and wood work, Then will be completely finished with them, Wait til you see my sewing room/ 3rd bedroom, I have waited 8 years for this and now my dream has come true..I will take pictures and post them, I am now also back up online with my computer and a brand new flat screen black..monitor, A Anniversary gift from my sweet hubby.Gene is on vacation all this week.We have had such fun just hanging out and enjoying each other, and watching it rain thunder and lighting..Of course Mother Nature had to pick this week to have such ugly weather, But it isn't bothing us to much, Today Gene and I are going to the movies yeppers a

early afterrnoon movie! In October we plan to take our last two weeks of vacation for this year and go to TNN

I can't wait to see the fall leaves and COOLER weather!!

Love N Hugs to all


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