Monday, July 30, 2007

HARTS07 Falloween ~SOLD~!!!!

My offereings for "Falloween"
Alrighty "Falloween Annie" and "Witch Silhouette" Is ready for August 1st release of
The Humble Arts.Our first TheHumbleArts eBay group launching August 1st,
Just type in search HARTS07.
or click link below

...Please Come on over for this exciting event! We are having a Theme called "Folloween"To celebrate our soon coming Fall and it's cool tempetures and wonderful colors of many !!The Humble Art artist's will have awesome new offerings at this time!
My eBay selling page is here, Please give us a look and celebrate "Fall"Falloween Annie" and "Witch Silhouette" will be listed tomorrow night August 1st on eBay.

OOoOoH How I LOVE "FALL" Tis my very favorite time of the year..Even now I can smell the fall leaves and the speical coolness in the air ..Of course I am smelling the fall and feeling the coolness of Fall's of the Past, But LOOKING forwat to 2007 Fall!!
Let me tell you a bit about "Falloween Annie" Her name is "Falloween Annie"... about 15 inches tall, I created her for our soon coming Fall!!!! She features a wonderful round head,Her hair a beautiful shade of red mohair hand felted.
She also has a hand drawn face, I used chalk , water color, pencils, Just look at those twinkling eyes!! I then sealed her face real good so she will be a heirloom.
"Falloween Annie" is aged with a technique that makes her look vintage,"Falloween Annie" Hand Designed Apron is silk and hand drawn, I used a vintage post card as my inspiration. She has hand painted stripes on her legs and shoes,then sanded and sealedAlso the cutest black and orange pantalooms."Falloween Annie" has a removable fall hat,She looks darling with it and with out it!Her dress is wonderfully full and she has puffy sleeves! It has black background with yellow stars and moons.
"Falloween Annie" Is all ready to start running through the pumpkin patch, Leaping and jumping into piles of fall leaves, Then come home to warm apple cider and ginger cookies

Let me tell you a bit about "The Silhouette Witch " Where darkness falls and shadows abound, The Silhouette Witch can surely be found.... She's the something you just felt brush past your cheek. The chilling breeze through the room when you're trying to sleep.... Who whispers your name when there's no one in sight and gives you the feeling " something's just not right".... We livw in a world where things seem all black and white .... BUT "The Silhouette Witch " appears on all Hallows night! "The Silhouette Witch " is created by me using,a pattern from a gal called Primitivie Hearts, The Silhouette Witch " created to look like a silhouette that hangs on the wall , She is about 18 inches from the tip of her hat to her shoe. I used Black cotton fabric for her dress and Witches hat, and she firmly stuffed, I used black spider webbing for cloak and over her black dress, It has sparkles in it and sparkles nicely. Her Broom I created with black, gold, purple foil bats!!! along with foil streamers.May God Bless you with many Blessings...Sherrie


Atticbabys said...

Aw Sherrie, what a sweet face on that Annie!!!
And I'm really digging that witch silhouette! What is she made of? So cool! :-) Nan

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Oh Thanks SO much for your kind remarks..After seeing some of the other HARTS artists art works I was'nt sure whether to put my Annie and silhouette up..I like the With silhouette also, she really looks cool on a wall with a light shining on her..
Hugs Sherrie

Paula said...

Hi Sherrie Dear Heart!
I'm just surfin' the net and happened upon your blog! YAY!!! Have a great day darlin', Paula