Sunday, June 10, 2007

little lovelies faves of the day

See little lovelies faves of the day

I hope I will be dreaming about all these INSPIRING, fun , colorful, yesteryear, vintage looking sweeties!!! Aren't they all so unique and beautiful... I have to tell ya bloggers and flickr's are some of the MOST talented people! Believe it or not I am creating, I finished a folk art tote bag, and 2 pincushion, will post a better picture tomorrow and a picture of the two pincushions , which are gifts!

This whole past week , I been really feeling under the weather a bit , I have bronchial asthma, whew really makes ya feel punky that's for sure, So creating has been slow,
BUT:) inspiration is better than chicken soup!!! So gosh golly I just might have to take another week dose "inspiration"

I sure hope you enjoy both posts of inspiration today!! I know I sure felt better after looking and oooooing and awing and wishing!!!
Hugs and Blessings, Sherrie

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Monica Huete said...

Hi Sherrie, sorry to hear you've been sick, hope you're better and full of creativity ... About etsy treasury list - it's a list of items/works you like from etsy. You can be the curator and choose your fav items, creating a list or be the one chosen to be part of the list. And it's really "good" when your work goes to the front page because lots of people see it and visit your shop, some of them give you a heart and some of them buy from you ... Hope I could explain it. Just have to visit the front page of etsy and click to the treasury button at your left.
Hope you're feeling better now and ready to start crafting again.