Monday, June 11, 2007

Folk Art Tote Bag

alrighty I promised a better picture of my newest tote, I did it in a folk art design, Lately I have been loving pictures of cats and cows and mice , Just some thing so "Home" about them,

Close up showing cat and cow, I have to say
I do like how well the aging on this tote bag turned out,

I used gesso and then....pastel chalk, water color pencils and charcoal, and sealed with a sealant.
I made my first pincushion. The round one, I used a wonderful pattern by You purlbee for creating this wonderful tutorial!!The heart pattern is my own and I am playing learning how to use colors, fabrics, stitches, felt, wool. practice practice and more practice!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

little lovelies faves of the day

See little lovelies faves of the day

I hope I will be dreaming about all these INSPIRING, fun , colorful, yesteryear, vintage looking sweeties!!! Aren't they all so unique and beautiful... I have to tell ya bloggers and flickr's are some of the MOST talented people! Believe it or not I am creating, I finished a folk art tote bag, and 2 pincushion, will post a better picture tomorrow and a picture of the two pincushions , which are gifts!

This whole past week , I been really feeling under the weather a bit , I have bronchial asthma, whew really makes ya feel punky that's for sure, So creating has been slow,
BUT:) inspiration is better than chicken soup!!! So gosh golly I just might have to take another week dose "inspiration"

I sure hope you enjoy both posts of inspiration today!! I know I sure felt better after looking and oooooing and awing and wishing!!!
Hugs and Blessings, Sherrie

Friday favorites by floresita

Talk about some eye candy! I like the way this gal did this mosaic of other peoples art,giving credit to each person, and sharing with all of us her favorites! Just pure fun! Please visit and look at all the beautiful yesteryear!
Visit Feeling Stitchy Blog!

Hugs Sherrie

Monday, June 04, 2007


Doing the HaPpY DaNcE.. Com'on grab me hand and twirl around and giggle and laugh with joy with me Doin da HaPpY DaNcE

I sold my Patriotic Pocket Annie!!!! I belong to this small but wonderful group called A Time For Primitives eBay Group ATFP leader of the group Lisa Johnson,of Skunk Hollow Country Store Lisa, placed my Pocket Annie on her Gathering Room selling page of her web site and she sold Pocket Annie !!! I didn't put a really big dollar price actually just some of cost not even adding my time, But its getting my name out there and hopefully creating a following of people for me (SympleTymes)Plus it is amazing and just down right EXCITING!!!!!!.. to me ...people... strangers who like my creations enough to buy them amazing!!!More than any thing I LOVE to create and selling even at low price than packing the creation away!!You can see the sold out sign on Pocket Annie here about the 3rd pic down...
What a wonderful way to start the day AND a Monday!!!!
Hugs A Happy Sherrie!