Wednesday, May 16, 2007

How To Get Organized—Finally!

When it comes to getting organized, we're our own worst enemies. We keep things because we persuade ourselves we'll need them—even if we haven't used them in five years and don't quite know where we've put them. There seems to be a security factor in just knowing they're around... somewhere.

But that turns out to be misplaced; it's our inner-hoarder talking. What most of us really need is a personal push to get organized, an experienced personal organizer to separate us emotionally from the possessions we no longer need and that clutter our minds as well as our space.

* Open your mail every day. Or make a weekly appointment with yourself—and don't break it!—to open all your mail and pay all your bills.

*Set up a weekly appointment with yourself to do the food shopping—and create a meal plan for the week with all the necessary groceries—so that you won't need to go to the grocery store all the time.

*When you pick up your mail, always throw the junk mail out immediately. That leaves a smaller pile to contend with.

*Shred everything with your name, address, and any personal information, especially credit card offers and anything with your social security number.

*Get over the emotional roadblock to getting organized. You must be willing to throw things out! As a veteran organizer, I can honestly say that there is no one's home where something can't be thrown out—including mine! If there's an item you haven't used in six months, chances are you won't ever use it; it's only taking up space.

*Go through your items quickly and make snap judgments—that first inclination is generally a good one. Then repeat the process. Often, you will find more items that you can live without. If you are holding onto something in case you "might" need it in the far off future, get rid of it! You can always buy whatever it is when you actually need it.

*If you really can't throw things out, I suggest staging those items out of your life. Put the items in a box with a destroy date written onto it—generally about six months from now. If you find yourself needing to go into it to find something—and you end up actually using that item, not just taking it out of the box—put it with the items to keep. Anything left in the box at the end of the time should be thrown out.

*Do not get overwhelmed. Pick one thing that needs to get organized—the smaller the better—papers, computer files, clothes, linen closet, kitchen, mail, children's room, and work on that one thing until you are content that it is sufficiently organized. Then move onto the next item. Never attack the whole house at one time.


~Tonya said...

Hi Sherry,

It is so odd that you are talking of organizing and such....I have been throwing out and trying to organize for the past day and a half. Lots of work, but it feels great!!

Have a great day and You have some really great tips.

Many Blessings,

Heera said...

Great tips Sherry. That reminds me to get my closet organized but first I need to dig through everything to get into it. I should do it soon.

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Hi Tonya
Thank you for coming by my blog, I just finished reorganizing my sewing/computer/3rd bed room, I think finally I have it where it is comfy yet still a 3rd bed room and
is functional for me as a sewing room! Read tips about organizing and letting go articles helped me allot, so thought I 'd post this
one maybe some one will get help from it too!!

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

(((Hi Heera))))dnt you think closets get messed up faster than any room does! Seems our hall closets are for ever up side down and stuff falling:)

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