Monday, March 26, 2007

Sunday and Monday

Sunday was just a gorgeous spring day here in Florida.. My Hubby and I took our dogs (Angel the cocker and Rosco the MinPin) to the beach..It is called HoneyMoon Island..It is a bout 4 miles from our house..

We flew a Mickey Mouse Kite it was just so beautiful flying over the water and the Dolphins came in so close you could see their eyes sparkle..
We also did some shell searching..

Today "MonDay" I worked on another Pin Cushion I actually made two in the begining..Now finishing up this second one ...I bought glass seed beads for her eyes and I have decided to make her wings..She is a Partridge.but still I want wings for her..... I also bought 5 or six laces to age..But I came across this unusual braid / Fringe ..Think I will use this..To tired tonight but she will be diffently finished tomorrow ada!!!

While I was going through looking for embellishings in my stash I came across these clay faces I made these about two years ago..a couple are from push molds //but a couple I did by hand just goofing around. I am such a pack rat I really wish I wasn't Thses faces are really way out there to say the least and I haven't gotten the vaguest what in the world to do with them, Yet I hate to throw them away..Guess I should just pitch and not look back!!


Heera said...


Don't throw the faces away! Make ATCs with them. or even little art pin dolls or something. They are so good and precious!
The beach looks so very inviting. Wish I could look at dolphins too!

Can't wait to see the finished birdie.


Anonymous said...

I hope you didn't trash those faces! I almost had a panic attack when I read that, LOL They are wonderful and really you should use them for something. Also love your day at the beach, it is finally getting warm here in MI. but not even close to beach weather.

Clothmatters said...

Sherrie- Love the pictures of your dog and the day at the beach, your pincushion and the clay faces. :)