Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Up to my eye balls in Dust Whew!

Just sticking my head in while I can..Monday they started laying our new tile floor..what they didn't tell us before they started ..they use a sander on the cement floor and covers EVERY THING in the house pure white in cement dust, even the rooms that had the doors shut..
I have been staying out of the house the last two days while they shuffle the furniture and again this morning the sanded the dining room cement floor, I just sat down and cried..what a nasty mess.Tomorrow they will start the "grout" and they said they should finish with that by tomorrow..I really don't know what to say if I like the tile or not, because of all the nasty mess I will have to clean up.even the walls and ceiling fixtures, Pictures on the walls ect... through the entire house..I was just prepared for all the gritty dust. I wish they had told us..I would have store our furniture and every thing would have been packed up.. All the people told us to do was strip the floors which we did, and move the furniture out of the living room and the would move the dining room furniture ect as they needed..we have never had this done before..
I am so mad right now I told my husband I would never go through this again, Not with a house full of furniture.maybe if we were building a home..I will be off line probably for a week do to all the cleaning we will have to do, even steam clean the furniture..I will try to get online during the evening..

Love to all Sherrie


Clothmatters said...

Sherrie- Sorry to hear about the mess made from the sanding....but I have to tell you the tiles are beautiful and so is the fireplace. If I lived closer I would come over and help clean.


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