Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tuesday Morning

Just a heads up..Kinda have to get me ole' nose back down to the sewing threads today..
Have to finish "TODAY"
Door Prize Basket:
Two vintage type Toys:
Yesteryear Pinchusion:
Take pictures of a grouping for a grand opening:
Mail out a order: which means I run up to the store and post office:which also means ahA!
I get to do lunch out yippie! oo I know I am soooo bad:)
PLUS: The tile guys are to be here either today or tomorrow,I am SO tired of these nasty looking cement floors
You see what I am talking about by going here

Must figure out html for a web site grand opening..which is brain frustration:)
Talk to ya later gators!!

oOooOhhHHhHh before I close here is some "Surfin Eye Candy"

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Have a Gr-r-eat Day
Hugs Sherrie