Tuesday, February 27, 2007

"Munchkin Of Spring"

This is "Munchkin Of Spring" My very first softie,

He has his arms full of spring colors and ready to plant away..Munchkin Of Spring is for my swap partner Fluxx her Flickr is http://www.flickr.com/photos/lilitupili/
and she lives in Germany. !!!

I am nervous about this swap because I don't know Fluxx or her fav colors ect.... I have never made a softie before and really don't know how big or small they should be,I do know they are not to be exact or precise..Neither words just cut loose and be wild let your creative juices flow.

Munchkin is 7 1/2 inches from the very tip point of his start head to bottom of his leggs
He is 4 1/2 inches wide
He is my own design..I did not gesso the face first nor did I use muslin which I am sooo use to using, This fabric was a bit on the sickly side which made it hard for me to draw on..

I wanted him to be soft all over..I made his body from fannel and he isn't stuffed hard just so nice and soft.

I have to stop and ask my self..Is this blog thing a really good idea..
Gosh It's really really hard for me to share my stuff,I always see all the flaws
But I have to say I will be making more Softies ..Especially as I loosen up..

Fluxx likes my doll I made call "Wish" as a added surprise I am sending Wish along with Munchkin Of Spring Softie...

It always make ya feel so good when creating and giving and knowing
their going to a home who loves them

Hugs Sherrie


Heera said...

Hi Sherrie,

Your friend Fluxx is so lucky to get such a beautiful or should I say handsome soft fella and then Wish too!

Munchkin is so much fun with beautiful spring colors and a bright face. Love them both.


Clothmatters said...

Sherrie- Your friend is going to love your Munchkin of Spring softie doll as well as the Wish doll you made. Wonderful work!

Anonymous said...

Well this is just an adorable softie and I'm sure your friend will be very happy with her swap. Love your blog Sherrie.

sex said...