Tuesday, November 21, 2006

what you are doing for Thanksgiving

Hi All !!!!!! "Happy Thanksgiving" , Was wondering what you are doing for Thanksgiving ? Thanksgiving and it's Traditions are my favorite holiday of all....Thinking on wonderful memories from our own childhoods through the wonderful years when our kids were small, I think about Gene and I , Our 37 yrs of being together , sharing our many firsts and still am so Thankful...This year we have started a New Thanksgiving Tradition ! Yepperswill have the Christmas Tree up and Decorations out, (Well at least those I didn't pack away for our move that is)any ways after Thanksgiving is over, and our tummys are full, sipping on eggnog or munching on pie,we will then light the tree!!Just as Thanksgiving and Traditions are, I am so looking forward to this Thanksgiving ., Making again wonderful memories and laughs, and pictures, yeppers and eating !!!I was asked what our Thanksgiving Traditions were, So here goes...Nothing way out there, The most important of all Is family and friends all being together , as in every day always being Thankful..for our family and friends..... Just yesterday I went and bought every thing we need for our Thanksgiving Dinner,I have started cooking my pumpkin pies today..I do every thing from scratch for Thanksgiving and Christmas,I am making six pumpkin pies, and 2 pecan pies, We will eat two and the rest get sent home with the kids, Bought a 23 pound Turkey who is thawing as I write, I wanted a fresh Turkey (we usally have a fresh one) But I was late in putting in my order, so had to buy a frozen one... Okay here is ourThanksgiving Tradition Menu:Get up extra earlie to get the ole Turkey in the oven!! Then: Start the Day with turning on "Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade" Then start cooking!!!!!Turkey with Regular Herb Dressing,and also Oyster Dressing, Cooked cranberrys, Fresh Fruit salad with REAL whip cream, Fresh Yams ... yeppers cooked with brown sugar, real butter, and topped with marsh-mellows, Real mashed potatoes, Hot Yeast Rolls, Turkey gravy, Fresh Peas, Corn on the cob,May you have a Blessed "Happy Thanksgiving" Much Love Sherrie

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