Thursday, August 03, 2006

" Preserve "the Artist's of YesterYear and Today,

" Preserve "the Artist's of YesterYear and Today,
By: Sherrie Nordgren
My goal here at Symple Tymes is to help " Preserve "the Artist's of YesterYear and Today,
To gain the recognition they deserve for their works of Art.
Saving the knowledge and teach this knowledge of yesteryear to all generations. May it never be forgotte,how Dolls were made with love.
Dolls that were made to be loved and cherished forever.

I will be sharing information and teaching our knowledge of..
Cloth dolls that are Rag dolls ,Rggedy's,Historic ,Authentic, and Primitive, Vintage, and Folk Art, Whimsical , styles
Dolls that are hand painted and dressed in the 1800-1950 style. Also cloth dolls that were created with vintage patterns. The History of Vintage Patterns should also be taught and preserved. Sharing information and teaching our knowledge with each other Learning the techniques of dollmakers of Sympler Tymes , To study the work of other designers from the Yesteryear and Present. " Symple Tymes" is all bout learning, studying, creating our own reminiscent dolls from the past and present. We use Ebay as our library source to show skills oh yesteryears Mothers.Buy and using books of Yesteryear building our own personal library's,
To encourage all to continue the heritage of doll making.
Keeping our heritage and history alive, that those from so many years ago have given to us, This is a heart felt tribute to all the GrandMothers, Mothers, Aunts, Sisters ETC... from Yesteryears Symple Tymes..
Let's start by learning a bit about the history of cloth dolls....