Friday, August 11, 2006

"Books of Dolls" "Doll Of Books" Reference Doll Books"

I'd to share with you about "Books of Dolls" "Doll Of Books" Reference Doll Books"
Being able to curl up with one of my doll books is a piece of absolute tranquility, stress buster , energizer, creative motivation, ALL rolled into one!! Knowledge , Knowledge , Knowledge , makes one a growing doll artists ! One who is willing to step out of their safety zone, One who is willing to learn, by her mistakes on to striving for excellence! Bet you didn't know ALL of this is found in "Doll Books of All kinds"!

Cloth Dolls From Ancient to Modern A Collectors by Linda Edward
This book is a MUST to have!!
Description: Cloth Dolls, From Ancient to Modern A Collector's Guide Linda Edward ISBN: 0764302132 Size: 8 1/2" x 11" Illustrations: 500 illustrations Pages: 176 For many years collectors and dealers alike tended to overlook dolls made of cloth in favor of their china and bisque contemporaries. Fortunately, this situation has changed dramatically in recent years. This book covers the story of cloth dolls from their ancient ancestors through to present day examples. This one easy-to-use volume with over 500 illustrations provides the most comprehensive study guide for this area in doll collecting available today. A value range is also included with each caption for easy reference.