Saturday, November 16, 2019

This is how it should be

 This is how it should be ...The heartwarming moment three-year-old Molly met her baby sister for the first time in the hospital

Friday, October 25, 2019

Happy Friday Morning !

Taking a break from unpacking our Mountain of boxes.

We have one bed room completely set up , all but hanging pictures

Our daughter and son in law are driving up from GA as I type.

Spending the week end with us,

Valerie is so good at eye balling where pictures should go and well help hang some,

Don't want it to be a working week end for them ,

So we are going to take them around to see the beautiful

water fall and the changing of the leaves here in NC.

I am a bit sad that I am unable to decorate our beautiful rocking chair front porch,

This Year for Fall, We are so close to getting almost the way we want things as far as unpacking, I am also sorting out as I go

I just want to get all the boxes unpacked and get my sewing room set up and be able to just relax.

As I am what I call hoovering over my coffee this morning, I found a email from

I so miss all the groups there use to be where we talked, swapped, made new friends

The Delphi-forums have been around I know of 20 years.

It is just so refreshing to know at least one group is still talking

dolls and all kinds,

A gal named Dee posted this adorable little Mouse pin Keep from

Created by
A wee woolly Christmas mouse to help celebrate the season.Wool felt Poinsettia leaves and luscious red Cranberry beads add a festive touch. A distressed Merry Christmas tag hangs off the back.
SO my sweet hubby said as soon as the Kids leave Sunday, He was going to help me in my NEW sewing room

to set up up my sewing machine and just make shift a area that I can start sewing again.HAPPY DANCE,Then I know All our unpacking setting up our new house won't seem so over whelming , Because I can take a break and sew for my relaxing tie !!

I am so excited also the kids coming, we always have such fun together.

Every One have a Blessed and Happy Week end

Hugzs Sherrie

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Brand New Beginnings

I am starting something new here at Symple Tymes, 
I will be sharing not only my creations, but many others as well, and Writing about them also Putting them in the "Spot Light"
 Symple Tymes Gazette Vol #1
I love to support other Artists of all realms
Whether it be Doll Making, Quilting, Embroidery, Clay, Miniatures’
I Love Creativity in every thing. I  create what I feel I am comfortable with and it makes me happy.
To me just even looking in a Magazine, Book, Computer
Creativity takes one away from problems, troubles of every day of life.

Creativity truly is a healing from God, after all He did create
Earth and all the beauty which is in it. We all need to take a step back each day for our selves
No matter if you’re a Home Maker. Work outside the home, Retired,
We all still need time to just let our very souls rest, Reflecting on the Good Things in our lives , and letting go of all the junk that if we allowed would clutter our lives.

 I have a challenge for you:
But first let me tell you where I am coming from, We sold our home in Florida.
Husband was born and raised there, His entire life.
Florida is the only home we have ever known together. We just celebrated our 50th Anniversary
I was born and  mostly raised in Ohio,
But then in my teens my parents moved the family to Florida.
We now as of September 13-2019 are residents of North Carolina!
We stayed with our kids 6 very long months, Talk about stress whoa..for everyone.
Making a long story short. We are in a awesome home, I can say “The Home Of Our Dreams” It does have a basement. But it all so has one living level, and stairs the go up to two big bed rooms and a full bath for family, friends when they come visit.

Our New  Home was freshly painted inside and out, and what I call fluffed up,
To us of course it is gorgeous..And we want to make our home
 SO there is a lot of elbow grease to be done, SCRUBBING before we can unpack.
Then my sweet husband came down with Shingles do to all the stress.
He even had the Shingles Vaccination before we left Florida.

I do the best I can, The movers of course put boxes that belong in the house, down in the basement, and boxes that belong in the basement in the house..
 So unpacking is slow at the moment and we still have a lot in storage at our sons .
We are so very Thankful for our New Home and also it has a bit over a half acre all nicely fenced in.

I am so Thankful the grass has slowed down in growing, Gene is in such pain he can’t sweat so he cannot mow the grass, Which we only have a push mower at this time.. 
I am telling you all this because, everything was starting to get to me,

  I found myself Complaining instead of being Thankful and Happy.
When you have a bad attitude it makes everything that much worse.
I see the mountains’ of boxes that need unpacking and just shake my head
Thank Goodness I took my frustrations out on cleaning,! 
 We have the cleanest Kitchen, Bath rooms, and Bed rooms!!
But it hit me this morning.
I fixed my coffee and came into what is going to be “My” sewing room which has my computer set up,
I haven’t been on my computer do to cleaning, moving etc..
 I started looking at emails from other Doll Makers; Next I was looking at pinterest.
All the sudden it was like sun shine on the inside of me,.

 People creating, the colors, the wow’s how did they do that kind of feeling.

It was like God was showing me, Stop. Trust, Rely on Him ,and only on Him
He is very able to work everything out.
BUT: I need to take time to Refresh , Refresh my Soul, Mind and Bbody,

How by CREATING ! !
As I stopped and looked around my new sewing room I began to think differently
This is a time in our lives right now that IS a fresh New Beginning for Gene and I…

 All the sudden the boxes were not mountains any more
They were gifts exciting to open up and see what each box held inside.
Yes most defiantly there will be a huge down sizing
That also will be fun to do.
 As I went to get my second cup of coffee, I was a different person, I found a skip and a hop and a Joy most of all “Thankful for SO much”

God is so good all the time; He cares about every detail in our lives,
As I came back to finish this letter, I felt The Lord drop this in to my heart.

We all should take one hour every day and just stop what we are doing...and go do something for ourselves that is creative. You will be surprised how this time is a blessing God wants to bless you with.
I have a challenge for you:
Make it a point; Discipline yourself to take that one hour for yourself, even if you have to set a clock to do so. Be CREATIVE in your Mind, Soul and Body 
 But just DO IT!
Be “Thankful” all the time, not in just good times, Be “Thankful To God in the bad times also” The bad times won’t last long 
I will leave you with a real-estate picture of my new sewing room to be!
Colossians 3:23- KJV
23 :And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Izannah Walker Journal Paula Walton’s

We are invited by Doll Maker Paula Walton
celebrate Izannah Walker’s 202nd birthday, September 25th – October 1st, here on her web site
 Happy 202nd Birthday Izannah Walker!

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

I am doing the happy Dance YES!

We are closing September 13 th on our new home in North Carolina !!!!
It took us 6 months whoa...Not enough houses for sale and way to many buyers...But God is Good and though it was hard,It was worth the wait..Go to my FB page and see the pictures,Yes I am doing the happy dance big time !!

Monday, July 29, 2019

Wool Works Magazine

Wool Works Magazine
I  am sooooo excited to have found this New Magazine, It is just soooo refreshing.
About Wool Works™ Magazine by: Melanie Pinney
selection of great projects featuring wool applique, rug hooking, punch needle, cross-stitch and doll making, all with wool.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Primitive Hand Mades Mercantile

I LOVE "Primitive Hand Mades Mercantile"
Their New Issue is out for you to enjoy!
Thursday July 18, 2019 at 9pm eastern

You will find new offerings every 3rd Thursday of the month at 9pm est!
I adore each and every one of these talented Artists !
As soon as we find our own New Home here in NC, I will be jumping back in to My SympleTymes !
I so miss creating my Prims.
Enjoy this Months  ?Primitive Hand Mades Mercantile?
I sure have !!!