Monday, September 04, 2023

Saturday, August 19, 2023

All my Newest Paintings

 Wow I can't believe it has been a couple months since I last up dated..I have been painting!!! 

Here are my New ( For Fall ) Paintings 

Our fireplace , I made the cloth pumpkins, Then painted my First Falloween painting.


What I am working on now is more for Thanksgiving.Stay tuned for more :)

Friday, July 28, 2023

Ehag Emporium Awesome to know they are still Alive!!!

EHAG Emporium


Welcome to the EHAG Emporium, the premiere online Halloween Art group's selling site! The Eclectic Halloween Artists Guild was founded in April 2006, and we are a gathering of professional Halloween artists and collectors whose work celebrates the magic of All Hallows Eve, all year. We started as an eBay-based collective, selling under the EHAG acronym. As we grew, we began reaching out to additional outlets, and now you can find our collectible Halloween art, here on our EHAG Emporium, Etsy and of course on eBay. We focus our creative attention toward the whimsical and happy-spirited side of Halloween.
Lots of awesome Prim FolkArt Artists !

Friday, July 14, 2023

when life gives you lemons make tiny needle books and herb markers by Ann Wood Hand Made


a very small cotton needlebook with a haret in the center - there is a needle with green thread in it wrapped in a criss cross fashion 

Look at this free pattern for a needle keep:

I adore Ann Wood Hand Made

I bought her Tiny Rag Doll pattern, I love hand work sewing while watching TV with my Sweet Hubby.

I bought it at the beginning of summer, and am enjoying creating two dolls with their wardrobe for our two Granddaughters. Ages are 7yrs and 3 yrs. Plan is to have all finished for Christmas.. 

Tiny Rag Doll

She’s just 5 inches tall and fits in the palm of your hand. Perfect for a doll house or somebody’s pocket. And she has a tiny wardrobe: dress, reversible pinafore apron, bloomers and camisole – all included in the pattern. And there is an always growing collection free accessories and clothing patterns for the tiny rag doll .The pattern is on sale for $7.50..I paid $10.00 when not on sale

                                              It is a huge patterns, Lots of clothes to make!! 

Lots of Love !


Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Jus sharing a doll

 , I just finished dressing her,Aba-Gayle is 13"
I have done much better painted faces..But for some reason this little gal just spoke to me.As I dressed her I could really feel the love.I know the first time I heard that from another doll maker, I thought  nutty! But it is true as you create any thing so much of your self goes in to it ,That creates the Love.I do prim Folk Art type dolls, Some  people do not like, But others collect them, I love antiques so I really love prim and folk art! I am creating my Cloth Dolls once again , and Enjoying it so much

Thursday, May 18, 2023

It is Time to Begin Ta Da~


it is that time of year , When every one starts creating their Fall Goodies whether your painting or creating cloth dolls. Today here in NC,it is actually very cool.Over cast with a really nice breeze and a long sleeve shirt on!! I am going to start this guy.A pattern from Brenda Sanker, One of my Favorite Folkart/Primitive Designers Frank is a big boy 35 in tall..
I will post pictures as I get Frankie done TaDa~~

Sunday, April 09, 2023

What a Awesome Easter Sunday it is


What a Awesome Easter Sunday it is.Sharing some of our Spring springing flowers with you. Just around our property.. It is crazy weather went from 81 to 50's and 30's at night.Loving it.Windy today which makes it feel even cooler,But it is breath taking every where you look !! Have the Barbecue grill with a new cover already for lots of Barbecuing
In front of our porch will be solid is these rose type Azaleas
Our rose just keeps growing and Growing.Unreal it is 4 ft tall !!
I LOVE dogwood trees,We are blessed with 4 of them !!

in our woods we have ,more dogwood trees!
Our beautiful woods and back yard,the woods is so fresh with Spring.
Molly heading towards the fence to bark at our neighbors .Our Iris is coming up big time
small but beautiful Dogwood Tree
Neighbors behind us ,Their Dog Wood Tree.
Our woods dressed in her Spring !!!

Hubby's new Grill cover , waiting for our yummy Barbecues