Thursday, December 01, 2022

Karina Schaapman's Mouse Mansion

 The Mouse Mansion has been exhibited at the Amsterdam Hermitage Museum,
and many children all over the world have made their own version of it. 

Read all about Karina's Art work, while creating her (over) 100 rooms of Mouse love .


Charming details that keeps your eyes busy all the time. 

Listen to the Mice  talk about their daily routine.
There's so much love and care in Karina's artwork... Karina has created over a hundred rooms.
Karina wanted to make something shabby and chic and she absolutely got it.
All the spaces are old, used... "time" is another character in this story.
Everything is hand made, using recycled materials, vintage fabrics and clay.
to read all about  Karina Schaapman's and her Mouse Mansion

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Talk about Vintage "Homemade Hair Curlers"

 Even before my time .There was Home made hair culers !

Homemade Hair Curlers

You can see the entire tutorial @

Link above:

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Need Help Please

 I have these sewing machine foot and have no idea what it is. The pieces came in one package

Can any help me figure out what they are Please

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Are you creating Christmas Gifts ?

 Thanksgiving is just a couple weeks away. 

I Love Thanksgiving and feel it is over looked.

Like they go from Halloween right into Christmas.

This year I am going to put up images of Thanksgiving every where I can !!

I decided to create for our family Christmas gifts,

 Made from my heart with Love through my hands

and give to them ! Here is the list of what I am making.

I bought this pattern "Therapeutic Rice Bag Set - Hand warmers, Neck Bag, Eye Pillow, Back Pad, Feet Warmer" The pattern is from You Make it Simple @

I have been really busy, Creating this set for 4 people, Using such colorful and fun fabrics.

I am sending  cute tags along with each set,

Also I am adding Aromatherapy Oil:

Lavender , Eucalyptus oil, their favorites.

I have already made a Christmas Banner ,I used really pretty Christmas Fabric, I want to make one for each season: I may wait until after the holidays to make the season ones.


I bought this cute Apron pattern, I am making two for our daughter, and they are reversible 

Story behind making Adult Bibs, I made one for my son-law,
Of a evening they eat their snacks in front of the TV.
Well you can guess the rest :) I made the Bib as a joke, But: he uses it ALL the time. 
He even has asked me to make him some more of them, Ha the joke is on me !!
 So I am making every  one two Adult Bibs..

Just simple gifts.I know they will be appreciated,
Just Fun with Love !!

Monday, November 07, 2022

Your Fabric Can Make a Difference


Who is One Common Thread?

One Common Thread was started by two sisters with a desire to help these women who they came to love and cherish. It’s their goal to give these women a way to provide for themselves and their families. They achieve this goal through donations and purchases of the quilts and quilt kits made by these women.

 The funds are then used to improve the maker’s living conditions by purchasing basic necessities such as appliances, mattresses and roof repairs. They are also able to support their children’s education, assist with medical expenses and more.
 How to participate

We all have that stack of fabric scraps that we’re unsure we’re ever going to use. Now is the time to put them to good use by joining us on this mission. The mission to help these women in Honduras provide for their families.

Be sure to sign up for the fabric drive to receive prompts for how to prep your fabric for One Common Thread. We will also be sharing the stories of some of the women of One Common Thread. We will be sharing how each of the women’s lives has changed through quilting.


Monday, October 31, 2022

I Love Fall !

Please be careful and watch out for the little ones going Treat or Treat


Thursday, October 27, 2022

Threadbare Primitives By Susan Dean



I have been trying to find Patterns Prim-Folk Art - Artsy-Artists Blogs , Business's,

that are a live and well still creating and selling.

Most Prim-Folk Art Artists Blogs are deleted or just not up dated.

I (and many others) still love looking even at the not up dated ones.

I found Threadbare Primitives by Susan Dean and she is still creating and up dating , Her soooo awesome patterns!! Yes!

( I have many of her E-Patterns from long ago,When I first started creating Primitive, Folk Art, Whimsical. 2004 is when I bought my first pattern from her whoa !

Susans patterns are for Newbies to Advanced.)

 Susan specializes in Doll Patterns like Raggedy Ann Doll Patterns, Primitive Black Doll Patterns. She carry's Primitive Folk Art and Craft Patterns for every season. Spring Patterns, Summer Patterns, Fall Patterns, Halloween Patterns, Winter Patterns, Christmas Patterns, and Primitive Santa Patterns

Scoot by Threadbare Primitives , She will make you smile !!

I purchased this pattern "The Oddities" When I saw it made laugh!

Just to say I do not get any thing for doing shout outs.

Nor do I want any thing

#1: I do them because I care. Love what I do

#2: I love sharing with others what I love and excites me,

#3: Shout Out is sharing what I believe in or find interesting. 

#4:I am going to continue to share with you about other Artists as 

as time allows. (The holidays are coming, I had the brainy idea of sewing gifts for our family. Just wish I had thought that back Jan 2022 and started then hahaha)

Tis almost that Time for Falloween !

 I usually create Folk Art or Whimsical for what I call "Falloween"

This year  I had a gal  ask me if I would create for her a witch. I did but did not make scary.

She was thrilled with it.Here are a couple pictures of her.

I named "Phoebe" for fun. and the customer was keeping her name

Also sharing a couple of my Falloween creations I have made over the years .

It is just fun seeing old friends again

Bug-a-Boo, She is sitting on her own Falloween quilt (sold)

Silhouette (sold)
 Sweet Raggedy (sold)
Falloween  Gathering (sold)

Back Of Boo

Boo I created for our Daughter