Sunday, November 22, 2020

This book is a "Must" to buy for your what ever you sew


Two-Hour Dolls' Clothes By: Anita Louise Crane 

Don't let the cover fool you.

When I first saw it, I thought  Oh I bet it is doll clothes pattern all contry style,

I create dolls about YesterYear,Primitive,FolkArt, For me country style though I am a country gal,Wasn't the type of clothing I want to create.

Inside this book is a wonderful world of Dreams that come true, Whether they're for a child's plaything or an adult's prized collectible,

There are Among these twenty projects are play clothes, suits, overalls, pinafores, and exquisite party dresses. Full-color photographs showcase each garment being "modeled" by a doll or teddy bear.

Pin Tucks, Victorian, Rompers, For dolls from 12-18 in size.

Every pattern I have wanted to learn to sew and to sew it properly.

Guidance is included on measuring your doll and adjusting patterns, as well as on making it easy to clothe your favorite dolls or stuffed animals. 128 pages ,all in color

You can buy this book on Amazon used for $3.00

Or brand new for $11.99

I bought this new, but I love it so much I am thinking of buying a use one ,which usually

is the way I do buy because they usually are in brand new condition  

So if your looking to expand  your sewing skills,Making beautiful doll clothes,

and age them to make them look  from YesterYear this is the book for you !

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Wonderful Vintage Embroidery Shop And More !

I have found a wonderful Shop/Blog that brings back good memories !

PatternBee Vintage Embroidery Shop

 This awesome  web site is about Vintage Embroidery Patterns and so much more

She also has Freebies ,That blew me away, I chose the baby shoes ! Great PDF pattern to make baby shoes for my dolls !

 I also looked at her Vintage Embroidery Patterns and thought about special people in my life, They would Love to have a Gift using

 Vintage Embroidery ! Great stocking stuffers also !

I can't describe her Shop any better than PatternBee has said, So here is the description :

This website is dedicated to making vintage embroidery patterns accessible again.  I offer hundreds of iron-on reprints for household linens, quilts and crafts.  Patterns are added from time to time--find them under New Additions.  If you have a pattern to share, visit the Product page for more information.  If you are trying to locate a specific pattern, enter the original pattern number or the subject matter in the search box.  And don't forget to check out this month's free-with-purchase BONUS transfer.

Here are some of our most popular freebies!  Patterns are offered on a rotating basis and subject to change--so check back from time to time to see what's new.

 Also I fell in Love with her blog ! I wish she had a news letter, would sign up right way !

 Let your dreams of childhood make you smile and come 

through your hands with vintage embroidery !!

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Sharing a Couple of my EFA Dolls That I created

 I love creating EFA dolls, I try to make a special one each year for the holidays.There is some thing very special about a Edith Flack Ackley cloth doll. I am blessed to have all her books from the 1930's -.

I am working on one right now intermittently ,Because we are setting up my main sewing room down in our beautiful basement.This is where all the cutting and mess will be,and taking the 4th bed room in the main level..and we are using it as a sewing /Craft computer room.I can sit read my Bible, Open the window hear the leaves in the trees, Birds singing.And also sitting in my antique rocking chair I can to my hand sewing, Embroidery, I will take pictures and share both sewing areas, My wonderful husband just  bought a nice flat screen TV for sewing room in the basement. We moved from a entire life time of living in FL,My husband was born and raised in We also raised our kids in FL.We now live in  NC, and learning new things and loving it.We have been here just turned one year !

Here is my very first ever EFA Doll, I was a newbie at creating dolls, and sewing.

I made her about 20yrs ago. I still have her just as I created her..Just some thing about how simple she is...I keep her with a hand full of my favorite dolls I created.It takes a lot for me to like my dolls, I always see what I should have done.

Not a very good picture.My second EFA..This one is created to be from the Civil War period .

Her dress is full as is her petticoat .She looks much better in person,She lives at our daughters.

I plan on creating a male EFA doll to go along with her.Like Rhett Butler.

He will be a gift to our daughter, She lives in GA and is a history nut like me.


This is my third EFA Doll, I wanted to try some thing new,

I hand painted her face.I couldn't believe it when I was asked if I would sell her ! I personally think to keep the feeling of a truly inspired EFA Doll,The face should be hand embroidered 

Sharing her sweet shoes and socks
This is view from the back. I made her dress really full ,as well as her petticoat 

Sorry about the poor picture,I will try to look and see if I have a better one.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

New On-Line Doll Groups and a UpDate For SympleTymes


I would like to Thank  Julie Anne Lofurno 
so much for letting me know there is a new EFA Doll Group ! 
As we all know Yahoo is/has closed all groups.But bigger and better ones have come forth !!
Come On lets get back in the ole saddle and talking Creating, Dolls, Cloth and so much more fun .
 If you have been looking for a doll group here are a couple of awesome Doll Groups 
I hope you will join them all !!

Starting with Edith Flack Ackley Group:
Please come and watch this wonderful group grow !!
 Friends Of Cloth Dolls
This group also has been around several years.I know of at least 20 years ,
because that is when I started creating dolls. 

Come and Join in all the fun
This is a lovely group and so friendly
Vintage Cloth Doll Making 
This group is also a group from the beginning,
Fun, Friendly, Very Helpful also!

Just a heads up about Symple Tymes 
Since our huge move from a entire life time literally ,
and moved to North Carolina..We are very Thankful for our homey beautiful 
home,We love  NC. The move was very fast..we were not expecting to sell our home in FL in ONE DAY.On the road in a moving van all in one week ! 
We have just celebrated our First Year of Living here,
The last thing I have on purposed left for the last thing to do ..That is setting up my sewing room.
We have 4 bed rooms...One IS Sewing and computer.
We also have a huge basement.we love it.
We have been working very hard setting  my sewing room up down there..
Keeping all the mess down there..Mainly hand work, Painting, etc in the main level.
All this being said to let you all know You will be seeing a lot of new creations coming from SympleTymes,
I am so excited !!!
Also if any one would like join me on the below links please do :
Love and Blessing to All

Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Sharing one of my all time Favorite Designers


Sweet Meadows Farm By Maureen Mills

I know with out a doubt if it wasn't for Maureen creating her patterns and sharing them all with us,

I for one would not be creating Primitive, Folk Art Cloth Dolls, I have fallen in love with every single pattern she has created.I would be soooo Happy if I could buy every one of her patterns.

Even on the times we all are going through right now, 

Just to even sit and look at her patterns ,

Page by page ,Just makes your spirit soar with creativeness  and Joy.

 I truly wish Maureen would do a pattern club like they do with a book club I would subscribe right away ! I have followed Sweet Meadows Farm By Maureen Mills from her very first pattern,

That is well over 20 years.

 She is a wonderful gal,She is one you wished she lived down the road so you could visit every day. 

Below this is her etsy shop.Go over and enjoy her awesome patterns !!

Sunday, October 04, 2020

Keep On Keeping On

 well even when you feel all alone and having to keep that ole stiff upper lip,

I wonder if any one has found the meaning to that ole stiff upper lip ??

Any way even when you feel your hanging by a thread make your self a nice cup of TEA