Thursday, June 30, 2016

Alrighty here is what I am making

The pattern is By :Stitchin Time Patterns I bought this pattern from her Etsy shop
I have her sewn and ready to stuff. I have been creating dolls for over 20 yrs now.Have No idea where the time went ! Can't wait to add my twist, my vision of her in my head !! 

Also I had bought  a pattern from Lisa  years ago called "Love Letters from Andy.

Any time I am dealing with a sickness or stress I always turn to that same old pattern and make The Annie and Baby and matching pillow, 

I have give the set to people as gifts and 
It has always been a great seller at the craft shows for me. Having said all that it amazes and blesses me the therapy, peace, and blessing it brings to me.

I just ordered  on amazon "ICE Resin ® Glass Glitter"  I have never used German Glass Glitter which the above pattern calls for.

My question is this Has any one ever used this brand ? 
Do you think it is the same thing as the pattern calls for ?

Also want you to know  to those sweet people that leave me comments
I do try to send reply's to you, but they always bounce back saying "Undeliverables"
and I do not know why. But I do leave a reply comment to every one's comment here on my blog.
I soooo  appreciate every ones comments, It means so much to me ,just knowing there are actual people looking at my blog, 

I know FB is the in thing , but I still love blogs, Maybe some day I will change , but like I said I love blogs! To me they are so personable ! any comments here about  my questions sure would help me out. Or I will learn by trial and error!!

As Always will post a finished picture of her in a couple days..
Love to all

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

DollProject Printed face tips
 I found this  Printed face tips tutorial. Wanted to share it with you all
It is free. Most interesting , helpful, with our doll creating.
I did join up for their news letter, Go take a peek at their web site, I love it and found it to be
very interesting , One I will diffidently follow and enjoy,
A huge Thank You to "Jessica Hamilton and Her company is Doll Project"

Be sure to visit Jessica's Etsy, I am LOVE it


Doll Making Tutorials Kits Doll Clothes Patterns & Art

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Angel of Love cloth doll

 I have listed  Angel Of Love on my Etsy Shop !
Angel of Love cloth doll is 22"
Created by
SympleTymes Cloth Art By:Sherrie Nordgren

Angel of Love created on April,2016
For some reason I felt like just creating Angel of Love as plain as I could,Just to allow her Love show through.

She is made completely of aged muslin,Hem of her dress

and Matching pantaloons have aged laced, She has striped legs and painted shoes.
I used Llama wool,and needle felted for her hair,
I Hand painted her face. Also hand stitched fingers.

Price includes shipping, I ship through priority mail.
I accept PayPal. Cash, Check. Item shipped when check clears.

Why I have been missing in action!

Our first gran-baby born May 17-2016 at 12:42 am
Baby girl, 6lbs 8oz
Brian (our son)and his wife  Samantha Nordgren the proud parents!!

Her name is Mckenna is a Hawaiian name