Saturday, May 30, 2015

A watched eBay auction WOWZER

Chunky  Happy Baby- composition doll made around 1930. I don't usally go for this kind of doll, but this little gal did grab my heart and she is from about 1930,

 And I have to say " Doll Heaven " really did a awesome job re-dressing her.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Primitive PinKeep

Does any one else love Primitive PinKeeps as much as I do.
When I do my fall craft shows these are  big sellers.
I have had the pleasure of knowing Denise for many years.. 
She is very talented also a very kind and sweet person.

I think I own every pinkeep pattern she has created. 
Plus many of her  other  awesome  patterns.
This young lady above, name is Angela Pinbottom Pincushion by
Denise has a huge selection at

Denise Davis talented certainly does not stop there , or her neat techniques 
 Go by her Web Site :

Friday, May 01, 2015

My Babyland Rag Doll Coming Along!

 Ok why do we doll makers get so excited when we  are creating a doll !!
 I can not be the only one. I even think about her when I go to bed..What I want to do  with her.

  Once again I am using the  from Dixie Redmond:
 Here is My Own Pattern..I have  drawn out for this gal's Dress, Pantaloons, 
Petticoat,  also Her Apron.  Her shoes and stockings,

I really did allot of measuring of my doll .
Chest, waist, hips, Just like a real person. I haven't had time to get to my Quilt Shop
To buy reproduction  Civil War Fabric..
I am thinking some thing in Blue.. Not set in stone though
Now to show you her Pantaloons , and her Petticoat, before I age them:
 Her Pantaloons
Here I pulled up her Petticoat to show what her Pantaloons look like..
 I Love lace, I always put lace on their Petticoats, 
This will look so awesome after I age them.
She is waiting patiently to be aged and to get her  shoes, stockings and dress on !! 
and a name!