Monday, April 27, 2015

Make your own Gesso

Couple ways to make your own "Gesso"

#1: is by: Astar's Place
  A.J.’s Smile Homemade Gesso:
Couple things about this it is a little rougher than normal gesso but it does sand nicely.  Because of the baby powder it will be a little chalkier when sanding so use a fine sand paper.  Cure time is 24 hours but you can speed it up with a hair dyer or a heat gun.
  • 1 part white glue (I used cheap white glue from the Dollar Store - you can also use PVA glue or Elmer's)
  • 3 parts water (since I used the cheap white glue I should have decreased the water to 2 parts)
  • 6 parts baby powder (since I used way more water than what I should have, I used more baby powder.  I did not measure I tilted the baby powder container and squeezed - scientific I know)
  • I added some Titanium White from the an almost empty 2 oz. tube of Liquitex  (there was maybe a TBSP left in it.)
I mixed everything in a air tight container the constancy is like a pancake batter - it will settle (like normal Gesso) so you will need to mixed it before use.  Surprisingly it takes paint really well, it also sands nicely.  It also way cheaper than "real" gesso - lol.

#2: Learn How to Make 3 different recipes for Homemade Gesso/ 
Tutorial– Plus how to use DIY Gesso with different art mediums
 By:Shemi Dixon
 Here is my homemade gesso experiment. I will show you how to make three different gesso recipes and we experiment with our DIY handmade Gesso. I will use water colors, oil pastels, markers, colored pencils; acrylic paints with each one the recipes and talk about the differences.
I loved this tutorial , hope you enjoy also!!
Hugs Sherrie Nordgren!

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