Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hand Made 19th C. Rag Doll

I so fell in love with this real antique cloth doll.They called her Primitive but in my opinion
she is not Primitive, She is Vintage.The info on her:

Antique Primitive Hand Made 19th C. Rag Doll
Approx.18" 19th C. rag doll. This unique old hand made doll once belonged to a very clean and careful family 
 She has a somewhat sparse wig of human hair. It's very clean and was stitched and woven to her head I think she may have had a bonnet at one time. 

Her body is cotton or linen (?) and in excellent condition with some stain spots and soiling to hands and face. Body is completely hand stitched by a wonderful seamstress as the stitches are very evenly spaced 
I believe the body is stuffed with rags. Wonderful old cotton dress  obviously made for her, which is largely hand stitched with some machine stitch at hem. 
Slip is also hand and machine stitched.

 Her face simple, But you know how Loved she must have been!!
Maybe her face was added at a later dated...
 I love how her body is created
 I LOVE studying REAL Antique Cloth Doll bodies
I do think her hair is real or horse hair

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Making My Vintage Style Doll

Just wanted to share the progress of my Vintage Style Doll. 

I have worked kinda like a hit and miss with her..Been making "Mug Rugs " for swaps, Just taking a break and using wonderful bright colors and learn to Quilt along the way.
my Vintage Style Doll has my heart, She speaks to me, I have fallen in-love with her, 
I select a time when it is just her and me and then I work on her.I feel she is going to be really special..Funny thing is I have never felt so strongly before about one of my dolls.Yes we as Doll makers always put our Love and hearts in to creating and feeling the Joy when they come to life!
This Gal is my keeper for sure..She will have a special and meaningful name.. Thanks for look!