Thursday, July 30, 2020

Staying Home Can Get To Ya !

Howdy every one, I hope this finds you all being safe,
I am determined staying home not letting it get to me, Some times it is hard,

We Moved from Florida, Where my husband was born and raised and where we raised our own family.. to a brand new State North Carolina and wanted to really explore all the wonderful things you can do up here,

But since FEB we haven't been able to do much except get groceries ,Gas, and back home.

I have  been doing a lot of new things. I have been doing things I have been wanting to do seems like for ever.

Learning New Things: This is what I have been doing !

Learning to Baking Bread..I started out with the "Amish Sour Dough Friendship Bread Recipe"
Amish sourdough bread, also known as friendship bread, is traditionally gifted.

The starter mix works in place of standard baking yeast and can be used to make several kinds of yeast-based breads, like Amish cinnamon bread. ...

I am beginning to get pretty good at making Bread,, I make all my bread  with a vegan, diabetic-friendly recipes , I only use real sugar in my starter if I am using a starter.

Our sugar is Trivia  it is all plant based

My husbands favorite  Bread is a Banana Bread..I also use my food processor to mix and chop nuts... I have been baking Banana Bread at lease once a week ..We eat a piece during TV time at night

This is the recipe I use and we LOVE it :  

 Non Slip Thick Shaggy Chenille Rugs for our Kitchen
I fell in Love with the color "Aqua" I am use aqua as my accent color in our new kitchen  here in North Carolina The color is also call "Egg Shell Blue" I feel it is a bit ligher than Aqua.

Learning to use my IP:Instant Pot
Also have been trying to learn how to use my Instant Pot, My daughter gave me for my B/D TWO years ago.. My new kitchen here in our new home in North Carolina is awesome,,Our home was built in 1978 and out kitchen has oodles of cabinets and storage and a pantry,,I love it. So I let my fingers do the walking and bought a nice IP cook book

Told Gene (My Hubby) He is going to have to help me, I find a IP a bit imitating,
I found many Women said the same thing when they bought a IP.
I don't think my daughter in-law can cook any thing with out  using her IP,
I say that in Love. 
Our daughter uses her IP a lot ..I am excited trying new recipes and using  my IP ! 

Learning to Sew properly other than Dolls/Crafts...
 We are still setting up my sewing rooms one inside our house, and the one in our basement which we really love.

Learning to Sew Clothes: but will always create my dolls:)
I have been looking at clothes pattern and will be making my dolls , I miss them. I have wanted to learn sew with Jersey type material..,, I finally ordered the correct needles,

 Learning to use a new sewing foot:
New Sewing Foot Open Toe: I enjoy learning and watching her video's
She said we all should have and use a Open Toe Foot on our sewing machines

Learning To Do Water Color:

This the biggest thing I am learning to do. For Mother's day The kids gave me a Card for Amazon..I bought a easel, books and water color paints..I haven't started yet , I am reading/studying  before I start.  know I am going to LOVE it,
I want to paint ,create cool bright colors and just have fun,,Paint things that are whimsical and make you smile..You can see this by the kind of books I bought.

  In The Jungle  have to wait to get in October..But I will have all three in 

also bought another book for my Kindle , I Love all my books,I really put a lot of time in to researching them..I am not disappointment in any of them for once !!
It does pay to take your time and research !

Watercolor Sketching for Beginners (Watercolor Sketching for Beginners (art, watercolor, sketch, instruction, reference, tuition, painting) Book 1) Kindle Edition by:Jim Green

 Well I hope you have enjoyed catching up with me.I have enjoyed talking to every one about how not to let this pandemic get to you, Turn it around and be do the things you have been wanting to do,Even if  is reading  that good book you have been wanting to do

God Bless you and all your family, Stay Safe , Love Sherrie

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