Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Starting Our New Life

Blowing off the dust, It has been  8 months since I have blogged.
We have been really busy, We sold our life time home in Florida ,We sold in one day,,and We were on the road to North Carolina in total of 12 days,Talk about a whirl wind wow.

We are staying with our son and his wife and 2 year old, until we can find a home of our own

But the homes up here litterly sell with in a couple hours.
We have been here 3 weeks already and are still looking for our home..

I know God will come through for us with just the right place..

But until then we have been exploring our new home area.
There is much to learn.My sweet hubby is born and raised in Tampa Florida, So this is a huge transformation for him.

Clemmons NC
A stone’s throw from Winston-Salem and a gentle drive from the Yadkin Valley Wine Country. A Village filled with rich history: old and new churches, fine and friendly restaurants, unique shopping, distinctive artists, and full-service medical care facilities.
The Village of Clemmons truly embraces modern amenities, mixed with the comforts of southern charm.

We are looking at living the country life ,yet have stores,Doctors etc around us and Clemmons offers this.

 Clemmons is steeped in rich history dating back to when the Village was first settled in 1802 by Peter Clemmons.  Originally called Clemmonsville, it quickly became a hub for agriculture and industry.  Stagecoach lines ran through Clemmons on a regular basis and electric power generation at the Idols Dam Power Station helped to propel the Village into the industrial age.

We haven't missed one day since being in NC of getting aout and going some where nope have not miss even one day TaDa!!

I am also making a journal of sorts..What I want to learn:
Beginners Gardening
Types of Birds
Types of Trees
Flowers to plant for Bees, Humming Birds...Butterfly's...
 When to plant , when not to
I want to learn canning
I want to learn to Pickle and also to put in glass jars..

WellPpPP as we wait for our perfect home I am keeping my feet moving and my mind working
and being very Thankful we live in NC..I am still not believing we are actually here !!!!
I haven't been able to sew at all, I am doing embroidery on a couple pillow cases for our New Home,
I can't wait to get settled, This is the place for our kind of Dolls, Primitive, Folk Art, Whisical. Raggedy's 
It is such a good feeling being around our kids again and getting to know our granddaughter and Yes! A second sister or brother is on the way also !
Our daughter and her hubby Gary live only about 5 hours away, We can visit often..
 Just wanted to let every one know about what has been happing and why I have not been on line much
You can always reach me at sympletymes1@yahoo.com
Love to all

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