Friday, April 27, 2018

Let's Think Christmas !

I know it is only the end of April ! But I set a couple goals for my self for 2018.

#1: is the on going of simplifying in a "Big Way" Starting with my sewing room,as I have written in earlier post I am still slowly in the process of doing a HUGE I do mean HUGE down sizing of all my Doll making, Sewing, Quilting projects and Fabric and embellishments,paints,

I am half way there,  Why is taking so long in my sewing room, My husband slowed me down He said to make sure what I am giving away is some thing I won't wish I had back,

So When I am about to place in the box of giving away, I may set aside some thing like example my Bias  maker, I was set on placing it in the box of giving away, but instead I placed it on a empty shelf, and did research it ,Cause I bought it on Amazon and see that the price alone has doubled, 

So I decided to keep it, If I don't use it, I will give it to my daughter, But I am happy with my self that I hadn't placed it in the give away box ! I have finished cleaning out all my Quilting, Doll Making, and even Cook Books, Also finished sorting through printed out  PDF Patterns and just keeping them all digital and do use them as I print out just what I need. 

So I have made great strides just will be happy when the room is finished. I am though still creating and this is my #2 Goal: Starting my Christmas projects extra early  like doing them now, Sharing with you what I am creating right now:
I am having a blast creating Twelve Days of Christmas Ornaments Pattern is By
Larissa Holland of mmmcrafts

Twelve Days Series 1-3 PDF Pattern Bundle: Partridge & Pear, Turtle Dove and French Hen

I bought the 1-3 set, As I finish then will buy the next set and so on.
They are just gorgeous

I am motivated  and yep proud of my self for actually doing my main  Two Goals I set for 2018
I am loving the deep cleaning, I know my life will be a much needed simpler life style and creating Christmas through out the heat of Florida Summer !!

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Jan Conwell said...

You go, girl! I'm glad you didn't give away your bias maker. Very glad. And I love those ornaments! Goals are a good way to find some focus when so much tries to distract us and mess up our progress. I sometimes feel I have no focus--too many things pulling me in different directions! But you have some good goals there and I look forward to seeing your progress in them.