Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Yep 4 projects to share with you all

 Well I have 4 all different in size and type projects going on.What Fun this is.. First I am almost finished with my "Spring Chicken Applique' " My first applique and ready to make another right away also@.
 This is the 14 inch Rag Baby from Dixie  Redmond, I did cut out the template for 30 inch to do when I am finish with these 4 projects.
This is a Janena Bartram Of Antiqueannies  pattern called " Anne Louise 26 "painted doll
Janena took me totally under her wing, When it came to creating Primitive, In a style that my humble opinion  is the  perfection differentiation of "Primitive" So on creating this dolls She is my Friendship Forever Doll to Janena, Sher created also for me with her heart and hands a 8X 10 of a simple Cloth " I TREASURE  yet and for ever to this day..  Janena patterns are just cools, They make you challenge you   mind yet are really ease! and "Gorgeous " when finished,,I hope to find my frind once again and renew our for ever friendship, Janena had a tragic in her  Life, But some how I believe God has turned it around for the good.I want to see this God given talented Artist to come back to Creating once again!!!! Janena I am committed to each pattern you have drawn and will create each one! Tell you  start creating again..Please contact me,I miss you allot!!
as you can see the arms and legs go into this part of the body! AND her foot really is created like a EFA doll along with a separate pattern for her own slippers..Once I have this VERY special doll stuffed   and all finished to the part to created her pantaloons, her own beautiful slip,  Dress and of course her slippers she will be awesome Love note to Janena Bartram, I really would like to go on and created in this doll time period and creat a entire   wardrobe,,What fun!!

Alrighty I did cut out and sew the 14 inch Rag Baby, Though I did draw my template out on freezer paper for 30 inch Rag Doll Baby for another time to finish her..
and  believe or not I did make a freezer paper template of what I am now calling "The Silly Pattern" there is No directions :)

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